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A Billiard Game Called Harrigan

A Billiard Game Called Harrigan

I am looking for detailed rules on a billiard game called Harrigan.

I usually play a cue sport game we call "Harrigan" at the bar. I cannot find any official rules for this game.

It goes like this. The balls are racked in random fashion. Each player is thrown two pills, one for his shooting place in the rotation with lowest number breaking and the other, his/her object (money) ball. Game is over as soon as object/money ball is made. Perhaps I can't find the rules because its got another name or something. Anyway, I know that if the breaker makes a ball on the break he shoots again if no one has it as their object ball. I also know that if the breaker pockets two money balls the breaker wins.

Now the problem. Last night a shooter (Not breaker) made two balls owned by other shooters. I believe the ante should have been split. My friends decided that the shooter wins following the rules set for the break. Told everyone I would find out who is right.

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