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Does Anyone Play Golf Here?

Does Anyone Play Golf Here?

I played this weekend for the first time in about 5 years. Turns out I still enjoy the game.

Does Anyone Play Golf Here?

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  1. Bishopdjkx1 on 8/13/2007 1:20:02 PM

    I started playing last year after not really playing for a decade. Now I have a hard time doing anything else all summer. With golf and work, I hardly play pool anymore. Thankfully I'm self employed and allow myself time to enjoy life. With a new baby now too, it is sure tough to find enough time, so I've decided to make time by doing away with unimportant things, namely sleep.

    Golf season here is around six months and work slows down in winter so that's when I actually play pool. I usually just go for 9 holes and then go to work. This year I have played about 65 rounds (9 holes).

  2. BishopBishop on 8/13/2007 1:24:42 PM

    I used to play a lot but then my game tapered down and I stopped completely about 5 or so years ago. So when I played recently it felt completely foreign to me, its going to be a long road back.

    I'm going to need some clubs so I may have to sell a pool cue to offset the cost.

  3. BishopA-Train on 8/15/2007 4:41:15 PM

    I'm starting to get into it. Quite frankly, it's cutting into my pool time, not that I mind. I recently discovered that golf takes lots of time, and me working 60-70 hours a week doesn't necessarily help that a whole bunch.

    It's been hard to leverage my free time between hobbies. Pool, golf, poker, video games, girlfriend, buddies, drinking.

  4. BishopBishop on 8/17/2007 1:55:57 PM

    I'm going to get a set of clubs here in the next few days. I'm going to sell a pool cue to offset the cost but I'm looking forward to getting back into the game.

  5. Bishopstick8 on 9/14/2007 11:10:04 PM

    I'm 70 years old and still play golf 2 times week. It is a great sport for young men and women to learn as you can play as a senior when you cant play contact sports anymore.

  6. Bishopdjkx1 on 9/15/2007 12:15:23 AM

    Welcome here @stickman.

    I agree with your post. I am in my mid thirties and I often play a round early morning, before I go to work. Many times its just me and a few seniors out on the course. I've ended up playing together with many different folks through the year and have learned a lot about patience and making good shot selection.

    Too often us younger people forget to treasure the wisdom we can glean from spending time with the more experienced people of this world. This holds true for pool and golf, but also for life in general.

  7. BishopBishop on 9/15/2007 9:55:01 AM

    I still haven't picked up my own set of clubs but I've been playing pretty regularly and my game is starting to improve. I've really enjoyed getting back into the game.

  8. Bishopquickshot on 7/12/2008 6:35:45 PM

    I play once a week and sometimes twice. The second round is usually 9 holes. After my twin surgeries 2 yrs ago I am just beginning to get back to square one.

    I'm at an age where I do not worry about score anymore. I'm more concerned that the weather is good and that the round has to be a fun thing.

    I do not need to burn off energy on bad shots and lies. I need that energy to ward off "8 ball scratches".

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Does Anyone Play Golf Here?

  • Title: Does Anyone Play Golf Here?
  • Author: (Ryan Jones)
  • Published: 8/13/2007 10:11:09 AM