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Any 8 Ball Tournaments in Southeast Connecticut?

Any 8 Ball Tournaments in Southeast Connecticut?

I live in South Eastern Connecticut, and I primarily play 8 ball. I am already in a couple of money leagues which use APA rules (in these my handicap is a 5).

Does anybody know of any pool tournaments that are held in South East Connecticut or in nearby towns? Maybe something within a 50 mile range of zip code 06382.

Any 8 Ball Tournaments in Southeast Connecticut?

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  1. MosaicMan3billiardsforum on 11/16/2010 4:43:32 PM

    Couple of options from the main organizations:

    UPA Leagues:

    UPA of CT

    • Connecticut UPA Amateur League "League of Champions"
    • Operator: Thomas Wimler
    • ctupa.tom@gmail.com
    • Phone: (860) 941-7502
    • http://www.ctupapool.com

    What the UPA "Amateur League" offers players:

    • Cash & Prizes!
    • Official U.S. Ranking
    • U.S. Team Standings
    • Handicapped & Master Divisions Available
    • Exclusive SSR (UPA Speed)
    • Elimination of Sandbagging!
    • Vegas Nationals
    • Annual Membership $25, $55, or $165 (Gold/Platinum/Touring Pro)
    Connecticut BCAPL Leagues:

    8 Ball Mix League

    • Bridgeport, CT
    • Contact Name: Mica Coote
    • 203-449-2580
    • eightballmixleague@hotmail.com
    • Play: Thurs Travel

    Dennis Harrison Memorial BCA Pool League

    • Torrington, CT
    • Contact Name: Danny Sabia
    • 860-997-9155
    • Play: Mon Travel
    • Alternate Contact: Ray Kulinski (bcapoolleague@gmail.com, (860) 491-0051)
    • Plays out of Southside, Billiards, Sokol.

    Pool Table Magic

    • Windsor Locks, CT
    • Contact Name: Mark Kulungian
    • markptm@aol.com
    • Nights of Play: In-house: Wed-8ball Thurs-9ball
    • Work: (860) 627-8494
    • Cell: (413) 537-5770
  2. MosaicMan3guest on 12/21/2010 12:12:13 AM

    I live in Southeast CT as well.

    There is the RackEmUp tour that goes around RI, MA, and CT. There are two tournaments every month and there is usually a full field of 64.

    In the Rack Em Up tour, the winner gets $600 for the win, and $400 more if you bet on yourself and get 1st. It costs $40 to pre-register or $50 regular, but it is only $25 for the first one as an annual membership.

    It has always been fun, there is always action, and it is well worth it if you play at a top level to compete.

  3. MosaicMan3Sharpshooter on 1/24/2012 1:48:29 AM

    I wish there were. If you find any let me know. I'm in the same area.

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Any 8 Ball Tournaments in Southeast Connecticut?

  • Title: Any 8 Ball Tournaments in Southeast Connecticut?
  • Author: (Tyler Adams)
  • Published: 9/23/2010 9:31:20 PM