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Trademark Guidance

Guidelines for the use of the Billiards Forum trademarks.

Trademark Guidance

What this Document Covers

This document is designed to establish guidelines for use of our names (copyright) and logos (trademarks). The "names" and "logos" discussed here refer collectively to any section or service on the Billiards Forum website. This document does not replace or waive any rights protected under Trademark or Copyright law. Please note the following:

  • If you would like to use our trademark or name in ways not clearly covered by this document, please contact us.
  • If you ever notice anything that looks like it violates our copyright, trademark, or policies, please also let us know.

Trademark and Copyright

The logos associated with the Billiards Forum are a trademark. The purpose of trademark law is to prevent consumers from being misled as to the origin of a product. Thus, if you make a product (e.g. your own website or article), and you used a Billiards Forum name or logo in your product (or in its advertising) in such a way that would mislead someone into thinking that your product was owned by, operated by, endorsed by, or in any way part of the Billiards Forum, you would be violating the trademark and this would not be legal.

Our logo images and website names are copyrighted. Any content on the Billiards Forum website is copyrighted (unless otherwise noted directly within a specific piece of content). Copyright is different than trademark. Ordinarily you could not legally copy any part of a copyrighted content. But if you were writing a news story or blog post about the Billiards Forum website and/or it's services, then reproducing the logo image would almost certainly be considered "fair use" and allowed under trademark law because you were not using it "in trade".

Use of Our Name or Logo in Advertising

Use of our name and/or logo in advertising is not permitted unless express written consent from Billiards Forum owner(s) is obtained prior to the creation of the advertising.

  • Do use the most current Billiards Forum logo where applicable and permitted.
  • Do use the proper name for our company, product, or service (see "Proper Use of the Billiards Forum Name" below).
  • Do not use the Billiards Forum logo unless you have been granted special permission by the owners of the Billiards Forum.
  • Do not use the Billiards Forum name or logo in a way that might imply a false sense of partnership or endorsement with your product.
  • Do not use any name or logo that is similar to or might be confused with the name(s) or logo(s) of the Billiards Forum.
  • Do not distort or alter the Billiards Forum logo in any way.
  • Do not use our logo in a way that confuses the Billiards Forum brand with another brand.
  • Do not use any other artwork from the Billiards Forum website or other Billiards Forum content without obtaining prior written permission from the owner(s) of the Billiards Forum.

Promoting your own Billiards Forum User Profile

  • Do feel free to reference or link to your Billiards Forum user account profile. Use of unaltered logos in the context of promoting your Billiards Forum user profile is generally okay.
  • Do use the same guidelines as the "Advertising" guidelines listed above when promoting your own Billiards Forum user profile.
  • Do not manipulate the Billiards Forum logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false information related to your association or user profile and/or account on the Billiards Forum.

Proper Use of the Billiards Forum Name

To prevent confusion around the proper use and context of the Billiards Forum name, you must follow the guidelines below when referencing the Billiards Forum and/or the Billiards Forum website.

  • the Billiards Forum is the official way to refer the website or the business running the website.
  • the Billiards Forum is a cue sport enthusiast website. As a name, the Billiards Forum is always written "Billiards Forum" (two words, each beginning with capital letters).
  • The website domain name is always written billiardsforum.com (all in lowercase, with no CamelCasing).
  • There are a number of useful features and services on the Billiards Forum website, such as the Cue Sport Q&A (aka, "the forum"), the Cue Sport Business Directory, the Billiard Glossary, and the Billiard Equipment Valuation Service. These features and services are part of the Billiards Forum. When referring to such parts of the Billiards Forum website, one would generally say "I used the pool table valuation service on the Billiards Forum".
  • the Billiards Forum (or the Billiards Forum website) refers to the collection of Billiards Forum content, features, and services.

Manufactured Items and/or Merchandise

We generally do not permit use of our name or logo on merchandise without prior express written consent.

  • Do contact Billiards Forum owners with a detailed proposal if you would like to request an exception.
  • Do not use the names or logos owned by the Billiards Forum on any apparel or merchandise without prior express written permission.

Writing About the Billiards Forum

  • Do make sure the title of your piece makes clear that it is a piece about the Billiards Forum, and not by the Billiards Forum. For example, "My Favorite Features on the Billiards Forum" is appropriate, whereas "The Billiards Forum Guide to Pool Table Valuation" is not.
  • Do not use confusing titles which might imply your piece is endorsed by or written by us.
  • Do not use the Billiards Forum logo in your title or on any cover pages or headings.
  • Do not use the Billiards Forum name, logo, or service(s) to promote or allow fraudulent, abusive, or otherwise illegal activities.

The Billiards Forum name and logos are trademarks of "the Billiards Forum" and its owner(s).

Trademark Guidance

  • Title: Trademark Guidance
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 7/7/2016 7:59:02 AM

Trademark Guidance