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Stroke follow through

Stroke follow through

When is a stroke not a stroke? When it is a poke. And that is what I've been doing lately because I got off track without realizing it until I began missing too many shots I should not have missed. When I realized what was happening I devised a new drill for myself that may help others. It is a two result drill.

I took 8-10 balls and placed them in a line from side to side behind the head string about 6-8 inches. I then took three pieces of paper (you may need four depending on how wide the tables is) and lined them up one after the other along the head string line. The drill is to shoot each ball down to the end of the table and at the end of your STROKE the cue tip should be touching the paper if you follow through. The second benefit from this drill is how the ball returns off the cushion. If you're hitting it dead center it will return to the cue tip. None of these things will happen if you are POKING at the CB instead of stroking it with follow through. Think about it?

Stroke follow through

Replies & Comments

  1. quickshotbilliardsforum on 8/20/2008 3:09:11 PM

    Interesting you mention this issue. It's a problem that a lot of pool players have. It's the same as the problem golfers have with their swing - the follow-through. (in golf, its, "let the swing follow-through naturally and fully, and don't let your head follow the ball because it throws your body out of alignment for a proper follow through)

    This is the first drill I've heard of that actually focuses on follow-through, and it's a good idea.

    Do you mind if I enter it into the "readers tip" contest? Not sure if you got the email that went out to all members last week - the one asking for reader's own pool tips and drills?

    Anyway, we got some good responses, and I'm going to be posting them tonight. Do you mind if I include this one? Once I post what I feel to be the top 10 (rated on quality of explanation, ease of practice, and overall quality) I'll be mailing users again to vote on the best tip. I can't offer much more than bragging rights - but the best one goes on the homepage and I'll probably have some kind of prize. (although nothing announced officially)

    I just tried this drill at dad's place and it's kind of an eye opener!

    What made you realize you were doing this in the first place? Realizing is half the battle.

  2. quickshotquickshot on 8/20/2008 8:04:50 PM

    You can use the tip in the contest.

    What made me realize the problem was, I was missing too many shots that I should not have missed. I shot a couple of racks with the express intent of finding the problem. I analyzed every shot whether I made it or not and before long I realized that I was not following through enough. I called it poking at the ball instead of following through. So I designed the drill. It gives immediate feedback on two levels that I mentioned in the post. And it is a drill that is easy and can be done in little time. It should be the first thing a player looks at when his game goes south.

    Every time I feel that I'm missing shots I go back to the drill. It is a good mental reinforcer.

    As for the golf analogy I suffer there also. Got a 6:30 time tomorrow am.

    My profession is being retired for 18 years. It's a nice job,but I also work part time in an apartment complex rec room. I do not do very much, just make sure people behave themselves when they are using the gym and such. I also have two pool tables at my disposal so I practice a lot. It's a nice cushy job.

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Stroke follow through

  • Title: Stroke follow through
  • Author: (Jim Walsh)
  • Published: 8/20/2008 1:39:28 PM