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List of Billiard Drills - Round 2

List of Billiard Drills - Round 2

Submit a Billiard Drill...

It's time for round two of asking for your billiard drills and pool playing tips.

Our submission policy is simple: submit a drill, tip, trick shot, concept, idea, etc. (anything we can publish). If we publish it, we'll give you credit (with an image if you'd like).

I really don't know how to make it simpler than that. We know where the CueTable.com diagramming tools are, so feel free to submit an image from there. Or a sketch. Or do your best to describe the diagram if you need to. Round up partial sentences, key phrases, any graphics you want to include, and shove the whole lot of it to us here:


Submit your billiard drill


We can't promise you your fifteen minutes of fame, but we can promise you we'll give you credit for anything you submit that gets published. Hopefully that won't use up more than a few seconds of your allotment.

List of Billiard Drills - Round 2

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