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Billiards Practice Routine

Billiards Practice Routine

Hello, Does anyone use or have a billiards practice routine which they use regularly? I am looking for a well-rounded routine to practice with that will progress me in all general areas.

I practice alone usually.

Billiards Practice Routine

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  1. GingerFenwick on 11/6/2007 10:48:58 PM

    Try doing a search. Lots of drills out there! I watched a pro last night and for the 1/2 hour. I watched and all he worked on was follow through and stance with his student. I myself do the semi circle shooting drill or the L drill then the side pocket drill and the run up the rail either using right or left English or natural. Then I'll play 9 pall and count shoots for every rack and keep track of games till I'm under ten average per game. I also do a speed drill. Slowest, slow, medium and hard with and without English. Then I'll shoot straight pool; 14/1 alone before I start to see if someone wants to shoot for fun but not $$$. This is in a pool or billiards hall not some bar. 4 hours today and 4 tomorrow. I try to shoot 5 days a week. Stretch before during and mid way. Arms, legs and back and wrists and neck roll . Just like Yoga or Karate. Feet spread wide and flat to get you low to the table. Have Fun.

  2. Gingerbilliardsforum on 11/6/2007 10:53:08 PM

    Did you see any decent tips for stance while shooting?

  3. GingerFenwick on 11/7/2007 8:50:40 AM

    Yes. This applies to a right handed player. B.T.W. I only remember his first name, Chuck, but he is one of the top pros in Wisconsin so I'm told. He had his student place his left foot shoulder width parallel to his cue and his right foot to the rear and at a 90 degree angle. Stood very flat footed at the table. As you know we spread our feet to get lower. This pro was around 6'4" maybe a little taller and in his stance he was down with his chin resting on his stick and took up a lot of floor space. The thing is his student had his head around 5 inches above his cue shaft? The thing I took to the table the next day was making sure my follow through was all the way to the end of my stroke to straighten out my shoots and it helped.

  4. GingerFenwick on 11/7/2007 11:39:08 AM

    I forgot to mention he also had his student bend his knees and at the waist. Also worked on keeping his students elbow at 90 degrees and his stick parallel to the table and stopped him from bringing the but of the cue up. I had to keep my distance as I could tell he did not like me watching for free and I can respect that. I'm a former amateur Bowling instructor and when bowling you never bend at the waist as it is bad form and hard on the back. Guess what muscle groups are getting a work out now that I'm back into Billiards at the age of 50+. Stomach and back. I wish the edit was active more then 2 minutes. then I would not have to waste space on your great site. When do I become something other the a Forum Lurker? Makes me feel kind of odd and not in a good way.

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Billiards Practice Routine

  • Title: Billiards Practice Routine
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  • Published: 5/15/2007 11:52:06 AM