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My New Billiards Blog

My New Billiards Blog

I have set up a new billiard and pool blog. I'd appreciate some feedback on it.


My New Billiards Blog

Replies & Comments

  1. quickshotbilliardsforum on 11/8/2008 9:37:32 PM

    Glad to see you started something! Your thoughts on billiards are compelling, and so it's nice to see that you have an outlet to communicate them. You have all of the key ingredients for online success! You are hosted on a reputable platform (blogger is owned by google) you have a design that is easy on the eyes, and attractive, and you have posted a lot of quality content in a small amount of time. (now you just have to keep this up over time...the fun part)

    If you need anything or any help, let me know. God knows I owe you!

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My New Billiards Blog

  • Title: My New Billiards Blog
  • Author: (Jim Walsh)
  • Published: 11/8/2008 5:53:45 PM