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Joe's Trick Shot Videos

Joe's Trick Shot Videos

WOW! Great tricks and trick shots by Joe. Also a few how to videos as well.



Joe's Trick Shot Videos

Replies & Comments

  1. JefSharkymdungelman on 10/15/2006 6:21:50 PM

    This would be a cool link except the quality is extremely poor. Time for a better video camera.

  2. JefSharkybilliardsforum on 10/15/2006 10:00:26 PM

    Yeah, the skill level is there no doubt, but the quality is not up to today's web standards.

    If someone was willing to shoot some decent trick shots in digital video, i'd be happy to have our tech guys host them here.

    I'm guessing this guy purposely encoded the video clips into a lower quality (smaller filesize) to save money on hosting fees.

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Joe's Trick Shot Videos

  • Title: Joe's Trick Shot Videos
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/5/2006 7:46:39 PM