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How Many Calories Does Pool Burn Compared to Other Sports?

How Many Calories Does Pool Burn Compared to Other Sports?

When thinking of sports that might help you lose a bit of weight, billiards and pool won’t immediately spring to mind.

How many calories do you burn when playing pool?

Just how many calories does a pool player burn during a game?

There are plenty of activities which involve lots of physical exertion, but shooting a few frames of pool with your friends is not one that seems too taxing. A USA Today report suggests that you burn 220 calories per hour while playing pool; so how does that compare with other sports?

In the past, tracking how many calories you burned playing a frame or two of pool wasn’t straightforward. Thanks to developments in technology it’s now far easier to keep a record of how much you’re burning. An article by Coral explains how tracking technology can help athletes from multiple disciplines by providing them with an exhaustive amount of data in which to help their performance. Even in cue sports like snooker and pool, this is important.

Professional pool player Jeanette Lee told CNN that healthy eating and fitness was a key part of the practice regime that took her to the world number one spot. Up and coming players can now draw on newer technologies to further aid and guide their training regimen and schedule. They might also look to other sports to see how they compare in terms of calories or the disciplines needed to be a success.

That’s led us to compare how many calories are burned in an hour of pool compared to other popular sports.

  • Football - Canadian Football is one of the most popular sports in our country and one in which the number of calories you burn depends on how you’re playing. If you’re just playing catch with friends it’s thought you would burn around 167 calories an hour, whilst light training would see that go up to 267, in excess of an hour of pool. Playing competitively would increase that even further, with 535 calories an hour the expected figure for a competitive hour of football.
  • Baseball - Baseball is also very popular in Canada and again it would depend on what role you were playing as to how many calories you’d be expected to burn. A feature by Healthfully states that your weight would be a deciding factor as well; heavier people would burn more as they’re putting in extra effort to carry themselves about. They believe you’d burn anywhere from 364 to 546 calories per hour.
  • Lacrosse - Lacrosse was declared the national sport of Canada in 1859 and remains hugely popular to this day. It’s a great workout and offers plenty of fitness benefits. Much depends on your weight and which position you play; it stands to reason a midfielder will burn more as they’re involved at both ends of the field. It’s also tough to get 60 minutes on a lacrosse field, each game is that length and there are numerous substitutions made during the match. If a player gets around 20 minutes of a game time they would expect to burn a minimum of 288 calories according to a report by Live Healthy Chron.
  • Bowling - Pool is more of a workout than bowling, with the popular sport of Ten Pin expected to burn from 150 to 250 per hour, depending again on your weight.

So if we are to believe the statistics provided in the articles mentioned above, one could conclude that while some sports do prove to be more intense in terms of the amount you’re working, a couple of hours around a pool table certainly has its benefits. With the loud music discussed in "Problems with Billiard Rooms and Pool Halls" in our post, you might even burn a few more calories straining to hear what your playing partner is telling you.

How Many Calories Does Pool Burn Compared to Other Sports?

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  1. Maria CarluccioMonsterArms on 9/4/2022 4:39:16 AM


    That's why I always feel hungry after just two hours of practicing pool alone with stop, draw, and follow shots, and finally breaking 9 ball.

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How Many Calories Does Pool Burn Compared to Other Sports?

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