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Guys Do You Let Girlfriends Win in Pool Playing

Guys Do You Let Girlfriends Win in Pool Playing

Guys do you let girls win when you play them in pool? I was just thinking about this, not sure if I do it or not, or whether its even appropriate. What if you have a girl who isn't that into billiards but who could be convinced if they felt that they were doing well? Not sure about this, curious what you all think.

Guys Do You Let Girlfriends Win in Pool Playing

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  1. RossMitch Alsup on 11/4/2008 3:40:47 PM

    I try to give them as much instruction as they can take so that they feel they are making good shots. At this point it does not mater if the game is won or lost, even if it is not anyone I have any hopes of a relationship with. It is for the game in an of itself.

    I will line up their bodies, being careful not to touch things their significant other would not want touched, aim the but end of the pool cue, adjust their bridge, and position my finger at the exact spot of aim so that if they can roll the cue ball over where my finger was, the called shot will likely go in. It is part of building excitement and confidence and bringing people in to the world of pool.

  2. Rossbilliardsforum on 11/8/2008 2:06:14 PM

    Haha, Mitch I can't tell whether or not you are sarcastic in your reply or not?

    You either like billiards or you don't. (in my experience)

    If the Girlfriend/wife doesn't like it, no amount of winning will make them like it more, in my opinion. If they still play the game with you (with an honest, sincere effort), since they know that you like it so much, then you should thank your lucky stars that you found someone so willing to partake in things that make you happy, like billiards, even though they don't like it.

  3. RossMitch Alsup on 11/9/2008 9:22:15 PM

    "You either like billiards or you don't"

    There is that short window of time where a little bit of enjoyment at actual play can encourage the ones who wouldn't normally be inclined to like pool to become inclined. At least for a while.

    And I meant no sarcasm. However I have taken up the challenge of raising the "level of pool" in my local establishment; even if it makes me lose--even if its a lot more. I would rather be beaten by someone making a really great shot than win because the opponent doesn't know which end of the stick to use. In addition, there is that added bonus if one who beats me (or any of the other patrons) happens to be a mono-chromosome.

    My wife does not have a pool bone in her body. Nor does it seem any of my other hobbies.

  4. Rossquickshot on 11/26/2008 12:05:26 PM

    NO....enough said.

  5. RossRMCORP2006 on 2/2/2009 7:06:20 AM

    Agreed. The only way to get better is to continually play someone better. Not to mention my wife can whoop me on occasion pretty good.


  6. RossNico_Pompadour on 2/3/2009 5:54:10 AM

    Don't have to mention, when we go out on Friday's with the colleagues

    As our manager is a pool freak and good player i must say, it is very obvious he's letting the female teammembers win...wondering why ?


  7. RossFenwick on 2/11/2009 8:49:57 AM

    I understand exactly what Mitch is saying. If someone of the opposite gender was to ask for help I would maintain a certain distance so as no to appear like I was hitting on her. I would and do ask the boyfriend or husband if it's okay. Fact is no matter how appealing a lady is I maintain eye contact and never check out the goods. That would be asking for trouble. Now if I had a girlfriend, I'm married going on 35+ years, I would rather teach her the game then beat her only to end up hating the game. "It is part of building excitement and confidence and bringing people in to the world of pool." I couldn't have said it better Mitch.

  8. RossLine Up on 2/16/2009 11:17:24 AM

    Aint nobody happy unless MOMMAS happy... That is if she is your wife or girlllll freind

  9. RossRMCORP2006 on 2/16/2009 2:27:20 PM

    @Line Up - Can't argue with that!

  10. Rossmcdpool on 3/18/2009 6:53:49 PM

    ...No, I don't let my girlfriend win. Now, if I happen to be extremely inebriated and she can take advantage of that, good for her.

  11. RossNursey1313 on 6/23/2009 5:43:28 AM

    I know that this question is addressed to the "guys" but I just have to put my 2 cents in. As far as guys letting girls win, I think that this is not cool. I don't doubt that there are some women out there who might be impressed by this. I have been playing in an APA pool league for 15 yrs, and not to brag or anything, I am very good. I get a lot of respect from most of my opponents. I love playing with better shooters, it makes me a better player. Sorry if anyone thinks that I over stepped my boundaries guys.

  12. RossBlackMagic on 8/31/2010 10:43:15 PM

    The reason most guys do not play well is because they "think" they play well. Therefor they never seek improvement. Do not let anyone think they are doing well if you want them to enjoy the game in the long run. I find that most women have been given some very bad instruction by some guy who thinks he is good. You should not be playing her if she is just starting out. You should be teaching her. There is a difference.

  13. Rossguest on 4/17/2012 9:17:59 PM

    When my girlfriend wants to play I have to handicap myself to make it a little more even. She gets slop. She gets 2 shots per inning. I have to try to bank the 8 in for 3 "innings" . If I cant bank the 8 in 3 tries then I get to shoot it straight in. It leveled the skills out a bit. She loves it when she hits 4 railers or caroms something in. Probably not good for developing her skills but she doesn't want to be great. She just wants to shoot and have a chance at winning. I keep telling her one day she will have to give up the slop but I love hearing her giggle when she makes 2 or 3 balls on one shot and gets to keep shooting.

  14. Ross2ballrun on 4/18/2012 2:12:16 AM

    LOL. If they are good looking I let them win. I want to watch them shoot. If there not so good looking, I'll run them out as fast as I can!

    I might be old, but I'm not stupid!

  15. RossFenwick on 4/24/2012 7:12:46 AM

    Likewise. My wife won't let me date anyway. Never has. When I was dating many moons ago the last place I would take a date was a pool hall or a bar.

  16. Rossallanpsand on 5/2/2013 12:27:26 PM

    Generally, playing with a girl friend is a social situation, not life/death, big bucks on the line.

    If you are a decent player and she has agreed to "play" with you, it's not about you proving your superiority.

    Back off on your skill a little bit, and give her ball in hand on every shot.

    If she's a little better shooter, give her first shot as ball in hand and table lay afterwards.

  17. RossMark Bellamy on 9/6/2017 12:17:53 AM

    On the pool table is one of the very few places where men can show that they are vastly superior to women. Don't let them win, utterly humiliate them.

  18. Rosslalabugu on 12/21/2017 12:51:05 PM

    I just have to put my 2 cents in like @Nursey1313. I have been a APA member since 1998. I can definitely hold my own and I run tournament on occasion.

    Nothing is more insulting than a man not giving it his all just because I am a girl. Always makes me laugh when I run a table on some pour stiff that thought he would be nice and maybe let me win. Love the shock that settles across their faces when I thrash them.

    If your gonna play, play hard. Don't ease up on your opponent just because you think their skills are sub-par. That doesn't help anyone in the long run. I like a challenge (most women do) and if it weren't for playing with cut throat dudes my whole life I would have never learned and gotten good at my game. I personally like to be challenged. And if I get my ass kicked, sweet. Happy to lose to someone with skills.

    One issue I seem to run across a lot is the cockiness in which some play. If you have a suggestion to better my form than by all means, lend a hand. But don't come across like your giving me some coveted gift of your knowledge and wisdom like I am clueless. Nothing worse than a know it all. And most women don't like that approach. This seems to be the biggest reason most women shy away from playing. The attitude in which criticism is given and the way they are approached by the opposite sex.

    Just a little point of view from a girl who has a hard time getting my girlfriends to go out to the hall and play for fun. Hope I didn't offend anyone by my rant.

  19. Rossbilliardsforum on 12/29/2017 9:46:04 PM

    Your whole response is well-said. This part particularly...

    Happy to lose to someone with skills.

    I agree, and as I think about it, I probably learn the most this way. And @RMCORP2006 in an earlier post said essentially the same thing:

    The only way to get better is to continually play someone better.

  20. RossDanny Vega on 5/1/2018 8:22:15 PM

    Sometimes yes, to make her happier, but not always. LOL.

  21. Rossuser1653299959 on 5/23/2022 2:59:20 AM

    Men, please help me!

    I hate to say it but I almost always win at pool. I played pool for between 4 and 5 years in Napa, CA and before that my father taught me as a child. Now I just play for fun and relaxation.

    I’m married and my husband loves that I love to play pool. He has done his best to learn over the past three years and we play often—multiple days a week. He has gotten to the point where he can honestly beat me, but eventually by the end of the night I lead either five games to two, or seven games to one, and he gets very upset.

    Should I just let him win? It’s making me very anxious. He’s just mad at himself for missing shots but it ruins the night.

  22. Rossbilliardsforum on 5/26/2022 7:02:14 AM

    @user1653299959 - Do not let him win. It solves nothing, and probably will create more issues between you, such as you slowly developing a resentment toward him.

    That's not a good situation. It seems that he's missing the likely point of these outings - which I assume is to spend quality time with each other.

    It seems like this this is probably a psychology question and not a cue sports question though.

    But as I said, the answer is NOT to let him win. If he knows you well, as I assume your husband would, it will be too hard to fake. Spouses can pick up on the most subtle of verbal and physical cues, and I suspect that he would know you let him win.

    Just keep encouraging him, teaching him, etc. Improve your skills together, and go play other couples! Might be a way to keep things fun.

  23. Rossjoe f on 7/3/2022 1:37:42 PM

    First of all, not all relationships are opposite sex. I don't think that matters, but some of the people out there hate gay people for some reason. I think that's because they're scared of their deep hidden desires they have but can't admit.

    But anyway, I am a 52 year-old guy and wouldn't even consider myself an amateur pool player. However, I love the women pool players! My all time favorite female pool player is ALLISON FISHER!

    Go play her for a thousand dollars a rack for 11 racks and see if the poor women needs your help! I would love to see Allison play crybaby Earl "the Pearl" Strickland! And that's just one woman.

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Guys Do You Let Girlfriends Win in Pool Playing

  • Title: Guys Do You Let Girlfriends Win in Pool Playing
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  • Published: 10/25/2008 1:36:23 PM