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English Bar Billiards and Russian Billiards

English Bar Billiards and Russian Billiards

This isn't anything like regular pocket billiards, but I thought I'd ask if anyone is playing this in north america? It seems to be played across the South of England and in the Channel Islands. I've found it to be also known as Russian Billiards as well.

Does anyone play this? This site seems to post bar billiard news in their billiard blog from time to time.

If you don't know what Bar Billiards is, you can check out the article on it.

English Bar Billiards and Russian Billiards

Replies & Comments

  1. smichaeljana on 10/13/2006 6:51:30 PM

    No I have never played, but from what I know of Bar Billiards, it would probably do well to improve precision and technical abilities.

    The only problem is that when you moved back to playing regular pocket billiards, you'll be feeling weird on the larger table. From what I understand, these bar billiards tables are like half the size of regular pocket billiards tables.

  2. smichaelbilliardsforum on 10/13/2006 7:01:13 PM

    I'm in North America, and I don't play bar billiards regularily. I have played it before though, and I must say that its fairly fun.

  3. smichaeljana on 10/14/2006 2:46:41 AM

    Hah you are a dork. I can just see you standing around playing bar billiards and drinking a cocktail. LOL, cute.

  4. smichaeltrueblu8 on 10/22/2006 3:02:45 AM

    One of my buddies plays on bar tables all the time. He loves them, I think it must be the atmosphere, or the characters he gets to play against, lol. Can't say that I like them very much though, the cue ball is usually pretty heavy so it's hard to do stuff with it. I think it is because it has a magnet inside of it. Also the felt is not too nice, probably because of drinks and stuff getting spilled on it frequently. Not to mention, that since it's in a bar, it's usually real smokey in there. And @jana was right when she said that it'll probably hurt your game when you go back to the big tables, where as the opposite is true of the big tables. If you usually play on the big tables and then go to a little one, you could probably whup some major butt, lol.

  5. smichaelbilliardsforum on 10/22/2006 9:56:53 PM

    I think these guys are talking about English Bar Billiards rather than North American billiards that is played in a bar. There is a seaparate form for this. I am all too familliar with the grimy, rum-stained pool tables of nightclubs, with broken cue sticks and missing balls, and no chalk LOL.

    We do have a topic about special "bar rules" that people play with, and we'd love your input...

  6. smichaelkyle on 12/22/2006 11:31:35 PM

    Never heard of this game but from the description it's nothing like Russian billiards (also called Russian pyramids) which like many games has various different sets of rules. Pyramids is played on a 6x12 table with tiny pockets (just enough to squeeze a ball in). The balls are all white with one colored ball (usually yellow I don't think it's any different from the other balls but tradition) any ball can be used as a cue ball points are scored by a regular pot or an "in off" (scratching off another ball).

  7. smichaelbluballs on 2/14/2007 3:45:38 PM

    I love bar pool. I always play for drinks or money. The only thing better is poker!

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English Bar Billiards and Russian Billiards

  • Title: English Bar Billiards and Russian Billiards
  • Author: (Scott Michael)
  • Published: 10/13/2006 2:17:47 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/13/2006 2:48:15 AM
  • Last Updated By: smichael