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Billiards Diagramming Software

Billiards Diagramming Software

Does anyone know of any good pool table diagramming tools or apps?

I am looking for a free pool table diagramming app or software where the user can draw plays on a pool table and post them online.

Billiards Diagramming Software

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  1. tonybilliardsforum on 9/1/2011 3:49:27 AM

    For a long time, the best billiard diagramming tool out there was an online app called CueTable which was a child born out of the "WeiTable". Unfortunately it isn't being maintained anymore and the creator is no longer involved from what I gather.

    Here is my assessment of what is currently available in order from best to worst, based on ease of use, feature set, and overall look and feel.


    Chalkysticks is by far and away my favorite billiard/pool table diagramming tool. It is stylish, feature-full, easy to use, and actively supported.

    chalkysticks billiard table diagramming tool

    You can save your creations to an image or get a unique URL to post a link.


    • Save your pool table diagrams to images
    • Generate a link to your unique diagram on chalkysticks.com if you don't want to post a link, or if you want to save your work for later.
    • Dashed lines and Solid lines
    • Curve tool (to show massé shot lines or jump shot lines)
    • Arrows vs no Arrows
    • Drag and drop balls
    • Ball strike diagram
    • Ghost balls, generics, and numbered.
    • Ball collision detection
    • Unique color lines to match ball color
    • Adding text on table
    • compose and save a Title and Descrption
    • Cue power diagram
    • Can generate a full rack of 8-ball / 9-ball / 10-ball
    • Multiple size tables (7' / 8' / 9' / Billiard)
    • Ability to randomize balls on table
    • iPad and iOS support means you can use it on a touch device


    DrawShot for iOs is an pool table diagramming app for the iPhone and iPad, written by By Larry Damman

    Drawshot billiard table diagramming tool

    Draw Table

    Next we have the Draw Table Diagramming tool - Pool and billiard table layouts on drawtable.com.

    Draw table billiard table diagramming tool

    "Draw Table" features:

    • 3 different grid line choices.
    • Default layouts for 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball, or 1 pocket.
    • Pockets are identified with letters A through F.
    • Rudimentary line drawing ability e.g. double click to start and end a line, etc., drag to move, drag off table to delete.)
    • Lines from a given color ball will be drawn in the color of that ball e.g. a line from the yellow ball will be be yellow. This helps give a better visual of what you are diagramming.
    • Has a save button (but doesn't seem to work, thus, no feature to export to image)

    This billiard pool table drawing tool is also lacking in features.

    • No support for drawing arrows
    • No support for adding text
    • No support for additional visuals like pool cues, english, shot power, etc.

    This tool was written in angular.js by Alex Soncodi (latest version 2014-2015)

    "Billiards The Game" Pool Table Diagramming Tool:

    Billiards the Game pool table diagramming tool

    No support for labeling, pool cues, or drawing lines. Can toggle a grid, and has defaults for diagramming 10 ball, 9 ball, and 8 ball. Also has a one-pocket version of their diagramming tool. You can also click a button to generate an image of your pool table diagram.

    Built using jQuery, Kinetic-v4.3.3 (html5 canvas library), and a pool table diagramming script called "BTG Pool Table Diagramming Tool" written by Monte Ohrt (latest version is from 2013).

    This javascript library is for diagramming pool table layouts and easily sharing them on other sites and forums.

    CueTable, WeiTable (No longer really usable)

    For a long time, the best billiard diagramming tool out there was an online app called CueTable which was a child born out of the "WeiTable".

    CueTable billiard table diagramming tool

    Now hosted on pool.bz. The problem is that is doesn't work easily. In Internet Explorer, the Active-X plugin is blocked on most machines by default and chrome blocks most apps like this from running automatically, so there are lots of hacks and workarounds to get it going. Too much friction for me.

    Unfortunately it isn't being maintained anymore and the creator is no longer involved from what I gather.

    htt ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAYWyhrsWmQ

    This is a little glimpse into what it once could do.

    It was built by Wei Chao, in flash I believe.

    The WeiTable (circa 2000)

     billiard table diagramming tool

    If anyone has any updates to the info here, or any new options, please add below.

  2. tonyLegacy Billiards on 9/20/2011 10:44:29 PM

    You can get featured Billiard Game free downloads and reviews. Micro Logic Software is a old name in creating billiard software.

  3. tonymetguy on 10/8/2015 10:38:00 AM

    I tried that CUE TABLE diagramming tool but it didn't work.

    I'm sure its just MY computer because that ALWAYS happens. Not sure how to use it, but interested in advice of how to.

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Billiards Diagramming Software

  • Title: Billiards Diagramming Software
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  • Published: 4/1/2011 11:00:08 AM
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