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Room with a Post, Where to Place the Pool Table?

Room with a Post, Where to Place the Pool Table?

I have always wanted to put a pool table in our basement, and I'm trying to see if it could actually work.

The problem is that I have a column that's in the middle of the room, which is pretty common in basements. I was thinking that if I place the pool table against the middle pocket (just slightly to the left of it), then it should be fine

I would love to hear your thoughts based on the layout of the basement. I'd also love to hear about any better spots or suggestions.

Thank you.


Room with a Post, Where to Place the Pool Table?

Replies & Comments

  1. user1636684252RayMills on 11/12/2021 2:41:06 AM
    1. You don't say how big your table will be;
    2. If you're trying to keep it out of the 5.5' space "south" of the pole; and
    3. If you want anything else on the floor space.

    So, I'll start by assuming you're going to have a 3.66' x 7.33' playing surface on an 8' pool table. My next assumption is that you want a "landscape" orientation based on you putting the side pocket near the pole. This would be good for using up that 20' space for the longest sides of the pool table. I suggest you get some plywood or cardboard, cut it to table dimensions, put it all up on 2.5' sawhorses, and use your cue to play some mock games.

    I think your best choice is to start with the cardboard's side pocket right up against the pole. I've never tried to play with a pole almost touching the pool table, but if it's only 4" in diameter it could make it minimally obstructive. Then, you'd have 5.2' of cueing space along the whole "north" wall. If the pole's any wider, or if you want less cueing room on the opposite wall you can then adjust your cardboard northward from the pole about another foot, but this might interfere with more shots on the pole side.

    The more items you want surrounding the table the more you can experiment on shifting the pool table's position toward space that won't be used as much for cueing. Sometimes the head of the table gets less mid-game action (away from the opening rack), but you may want to dedicate more space for that end's breaking action. See other reply posts under my name to see how Forum readers have debated using short cues and making house rules which allow moving the cue ball for squeezed shots.

    Happy Planning!

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Room with a Post, Where to Place the Pool Table?

  • Title: Room with a Post, Where to Place the Pool Table?
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  • Published: 11/11/2021 6:30:53 PM
  • Last Updated: 11/12/2021 1:14:27 AM
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