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Ideas to Equip and Decorate a Home Billiard Room

Looking for home billiard room decorating ideas? Wondering what to put in a home billiard room? The following is a guide from the Billiard and Bowling Institute of America called "How to Equip and Decorate Your Home Billiard Room".

Ideas to Equip and Decorate a Home Billiard Room

Pool Table Accessories

Quality accessories are essential to your enjoyment of the game. Phenolic resin balls should be absolutely round and have a shiny finish with vivid colors. High quality house cues are made of maple and have fibre ferrules and leather tips. The chalk should be smooth and in a color to match your table cloth. Triangles can be plastic or wood but be sure they match the size of your balls. Intermediate and beginner players can enjoy the game with very basic equipment but professional grade accessories are recommended as your skill level improves.

Billiard Tables

Your new billiard table will be the centerpiece of your home recreation center for many years. Even a lifetime! It can entertain one person or a house full for many hours. There are tables for every pocketbook, skill level and decor. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, there's a billiard table style that will fit right in. You can even match wood or laminate finishes and cloth colors to your own decorating taste. Since premium equipment means more player satisfaction, you should insist on a genuine slate play-field. As you move up in quality, you'll find that heavier construction and superior grade cloth, cushions, pockets and workmanship can enhance playability.

Pool Cue Racks

A stylish cue rack can dramatically enhance the appearance of your billiard room and also help protect your precious cues. Some are crafted from wood in a variety of finishes. Others are ultra modern in a gleaming chrome and in other contemporary materials. Whatever your decorating bent, there is a cue rack that will enhance your decor while it discourages clutter.

Custom Pool Cues

Your very own two-piece custom cue can improve your accuracy, consistency and enjoyment! Because they come in a variety of sizes, weights, finishes and styles, custom cues can be tailored to your highly personalized approach to the game. The enhanced craftsmanship and balance of a custom cue translates into longer life and added satisfaction.

Pool Table Lighting

Billiard lamps are specifically designed to spread illumination evenly across the table and eliminate distracting shadows. Your dealer can recommend the perfect wattage and suggest the correct height over your table. Since billiard lamps come in a big variety of style and finishes, they can be key elements in your decorating scheme.

Billiard Wall Art

Embellish the atmosphere of your billiard arena with artwork that reflects your own good taste. If you like period art, your billiard dealer can show some wonderful historic prints and reproductions of paintings by the masters. For photography buffs, many pictures of billiard stars and pool playing Hollywood actors are available. The Art Deco era is alive at your billiard dealer and so are post modern works that will compliment any contemporary theme.

Home Entertainment

A dartboard is an important component in any home recreation room. To insure that all of your guests have a variety of games to choose from, you should also consider foosball (mini-soccer), Ping-Pong, pinball and board-games. If you're short on space, consider a 3-in-1 game table, the most versatile recreation device you can own. A jukebox will add to the fun.

Pool Table Spectator Chairs

Spectator chairs are especially designed to afford onlookers an unimpeded view of the action. The seat is high and comfortable and there are usually armrests and a footrest. The look and feel of your rec room can be enhanced if you coordinate the style and finish of your seating with the rest of your billiard area.

Ideas to Equip and Decorate a Home Billiard Room

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  • Published: 1/9/2017 8:08:20 PM
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Ideas to Equip and Decorate a Home Billiard Room

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