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8 Foot Pool Table Room Layout

8 Foot Pool Table Room Layout

I'm going to buy a used 8 foot pool table. But my basement is not large enough, just a corner, please see the picture. The outside dashed line is the area for 58"cue and inside dashed line is the area for 48" cue.

  • Plan A: I can use the 58" cue but the corner, even 48"cue can't fit the corner. Is this one corner really important?
  • Plan B: 48" is Okay but no 58" cue. Is 48" cue good enough to use? I'm not tall, 5'9".

Help me choose a pool table room layout for my 8 foot pool table...

8 Foot Pool Table Room Layout

Replies & Comments

  1. zzhangzbilliardsforum on 7/11/2008 7:34:54 AM

    Before you decide, you may wish to go to your local billiard retailer and test out a 48 inch pool cue first, since that is about 6 inches shorten than the "average" cue.

    As for your question of will the 48 inch cue be good enough to use; it all depends on how you feel playing with it. WPA allows cues as short as 40 inches, so you won't have any regulatory issues if you enter a league or anything like that.

    Is your diagram to scale? are you accounting for the width of the space between the edge of the playing surface and the outer edge of the billiard table? That may give you a few more inches to play with...

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8 Foot Pool Table Room Layout

  • Title: 8 Foot Pool Table Room Layout
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/10/2008 11:57:13 PM