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Group Assignment in Cut Throat Pool

Group Assignment in Cut Throat Pool

I need help understanding the rules of Cut Throat pool.

How does the assignment of groups work in cut throat pool when the first player pockets an entire group on his first inning at the table?


  • 3-Player Cutthroat
  • Assume that no one scratches during the whole game
  • Player A breaks and sets himself by pocketing both a high-group ball and a middle-group ball, thus assigning him to the low group of balls. He continues his inning and proceeds to legally pocket all of the middle-group of balls. His inning ends when he misses a shot at a high-group ball.
  • Player B comes to the table and pockets a low ball.

At this point, what is the status of Player C?

Is he somehow automatically assigned to the middle-group of balls, or do both Player B and Player C shoot until one of them pockets a High?

If so, how do Player B and Player C determine the winner?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Group Assignment in Cut Throat Pool

Replies & Comments

  1. brisingrbilliardsforum on 1/13/2019 10:49:57 AM

    I think I follow your scenario. Here is how it would go down:

    1. Player A gets the "low group" on his first inning.
    2. Player A cleans up the entire "middle group".
    3. Only "high group" and "low group" balls remain on the table at this point.
    4. Player B pockets a "low group" ball, but this doesn't affect assignment of balls at all.

      If he had pocketed a "high group" ball, he would automatically have been assigned "middle group" I believe, thus forcing him "out")

    5. The first one of Player B and Player C to pocket a "high group" ball would be automatically "out" because it would, by default, assign that person to the "middle group" automatically. That group was already all pocketed.

    Assuming nobody scratches (as you specified), the "winner" would be either:

    • Player A, if that player pockets all of the "high group" balls before the other player (which ever it happens to be) pockets all of the "low group" balls.
    • Player ?, if that player pockets all of the "low group" balls before Player A pockets all of the "high group" of balls.

    One other note: It is a very common to see players decide groups before starting the game, thus eliminating the need for this scenario.

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Group Assignment in Cut Throat Pool

  • Title: Group Assignment in Cut Throat Pool
  • Author: (Robert Cranney)
  • Published: 9/13/2013 5:09:00 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/13/2019 10:35:20 AM
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