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Will a Smaller Pool Table at Home Affect My Game on Bigger Pool Tables?

Will a Smaller Pool Table at Home Affect My Game on Bigger Pool Tables?

If I buy a mid size pool table for my home, is it going to hurt me when I play on bigger pool tables?

Will a Smaller Pool Table at Home Affect My Game on Bigger Pool Tables?

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  1. user1654460685RayMills on 6/13/2022 1:44:15 AM

    In case you haven't already, search this site for articles with titles such as "7' vs. 9' foot tables" and "Which table is better"?

    You don't say where you are or what your pool-playing plans are, but I'm assuming "mid-size" means an 8-foot table or smaller. Bar tables are often 7', and pool room, tournament-style tables are 9'. Smaller sizes aren't taken seriously (and are too easily jarred) except to get baby-steps before a bigger venue. Larger ones are used mostly for snooker, which I believe uses smaller balls and different sizes and shapes of pocket openings.

    The primary general assumptions are that: 1. bigger tables force you to be more accurate on many shots because their distances can be further, and, 2. the larger the playing surface, the more the balls will spread, causng less bunching.

    If you do the simplified math on 7-footers vs. 9-footers, the longest straight-in shot is 7.8' vs.10'. This is about a 25% difference depending on which size you start calculating with, and remember that this would be your largest straight-shot difference. More fun calculations would be to find out the longest bank shots you'd attempt! (15' vs. 19' ?)

    Anyway, so many other factors come-in to making shots that I feel that considering distances loses some value. Everyone tries to practice in such a way that the goal is to hit the target ball at the perfect point. Then it's up to the shooter to decide how accurate he's going to be, and if he cares to "cheat" the pocket (Look that up, if need be.). If he can do the impossibility of hitting every ball perfectly, the 25% wouldn't matter, especially if he keeps practicing certain-distance shots on both tables that would be equal. So, I say, just get whatever fits your home and is heavy, and develop skills to adjust to whatever size table on which you'll compete later. In my "career" I have never owned above an 8-footer, and I'm not sorry.

    Beyond all this, the beauty of pool blossoms in how much detail a shooter can conquer in every shot that doesn't involve the actual pocketings. Where the cue ball goes is half the game! How many rails should be used to do that, and with what stroke, is crucial! For this skill, this is where I think a smaller playing area and its inherent congestion adds to building proficiency. Sure, a game can be "won" on the break if all of the balls spread out, but they often don't, especially in 8-Ball. Master the difficult layouts at home and then breeze to victories on any size tables when it counts!

                                         *Pool: Difficult to Start, Difficult to Master*
  2. user1654460685RayMills on 6/13/2022 1:55:12 AM

    I meant to say:


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Will a Smaller Pool Table at Home Affect My Game on Bigger Pool Tables?

  • Title: Will a Smaller Pool Table at Home Affect My Game on Bigger Pool Tables?
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  • Published: 6/5/2022 1:24:46 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/8/2022 3:51:44 AM
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