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Olhausen Pool Table Tight Pocket Issue

Olhausen Pool Table Tight Pocket Issue

I bought a 7' Olhausen pool table and I am finding it hard to enjoy because the pockets are extremely tight and will not tolerate any degree of ball speed higher than a slow roll.

I have played on Diamond tables that also have that reputation, and find the Olhausen table to be much less tolerant by comparison. It is understood that a soft shot is usually a good idea, but it is also sometimes necessary to shoot somewhat hard in order to get the cue ball where you want it to be for next shot. I have put up with the aggravation for nearly three years and seriously considering a change.

I am interested in hearing opinion as to which brands of upscale table are more tolerant of ball speed, and otherwise nice to own for any reason. I would also be interested to know if others have shared this experience with an Olhausen table.

Olhausen Pool Table Tight Pocket Issue

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  1. Dirty Harryfdelibato on 1/11/2020 4:22:02 PM

    I just noticed your question about tight pockets on an Olhausen pool table as I've been trying to educate myself on billiards, and on various pool table options. I'm hoping to buy a pool table over the next few months. I recently retired and have more time on my hands!

    I've been leaning toward a Olhausen table, preferable an 8 footer. I've spent the last 5 months going to billiard supply stores and reading from books and the web.

    The two biggest issues I've been trying to resolve are:

    1. Whether I have sufficient space in my rec room for an 8 foot pool table (and I believe I do if I also use a 52" cue when I need to when the cue ball is on the rail), and,
    2. The dreaded "Olhausen rattle", i.e. probably what you've brought up.

    A number of years ago, there were a large number of complaints regarding this ' tight pocket' issue relating to Olhausen pool tables. This seems to have decreased recently, but is obviously still something owners are experiencing.

    Here's what I've found on this subject from my reading. The culprit(s) in Olhausen pool tables seem to be one or more, or a combination of:

    1. a somewhat tighter pocket;
    2. entry angles a little different than normal;
    3. a somewhat deeper shelf than other tables; and/or,
    4. the cushions are too soft.

    Recently, I found out however, when one brings up on the web, the tighter pocket issue only comparing the highly acclaimed Brunswick Gold Crown and Diamond tables, which are the most used in tournament play and in most billiard halls, there are similar accusations of tighter pockets made from one camp favoring one pool table against the other.

    This has led me to believe that the better tournament-grade pool tables tend to all have tighter pockets.

    Olhausen seems to be singled out when thrown in with all pool tables, as perhaps, the Gold Crown and Diamond fans think of it as an 'upstart' at that level, and it probably is more difficult to play than most of the brands below the Diamond and Gold Crown.

    The solution which you seem to have noticed is mostly taken care of by not whacking the ball as so many players like to do. I've noticed that snooker players, mostly the Brits, deal with this issue in the same way, as their table pockets are smaller, the edges are rounded and not straight, and tables are longer. So pocketing is much more difficult in snooker on snooker tables. They accept it as way to be challenged and become better players. We in North America see it as an annoyance to put up with unless we can get an easier table to play on, because in 8 Ball or 9 Ball, it's all about pocketing balls, whereas in snooker, safety shots are a major part of the game.

    So, I am just wondering... has this issue seriously soured your purchase, owning and playing on an Olhausen pool table?

    They look like awesome pool tables, they are made in the USA, and have the Accu-cushions which are, aside from the pocket issue, supposed to be amazing and come with a lifetime warranty.

    Sorry for the long message, but if you have a chance, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on the Olhausen.

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Olhausen Pool Table Tight Pocket Issue

  • Title: Olhausen Pool Table Tight Pocket Issue
  • Author: (Fred-Susie Curren)
  • Published: 8/31/2017 2:29:08 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/31/2017 5:35:09 PM
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