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Looking to Buy Pool Table, Need Help Please

Looking to Buy Pool Table, Need Help Please

Hi Guys

I am looking to purchase a pool table, and i have come across several manufacturers. Does anyone know if imperial international are any good?

I hear from some people that they manufacture tables other people say they are just a distributor that import their tables from china.

I am looking to get the imperial international Black Pearl aka black shadow

It's a full size American pool table 9ft by 4.5ft playing area, it's on sale for $1500 including VAT from gametables4less



imperial international link:


I would really appreciate any help on choosing the right table, is the above one any good?

I am getting a mix of very confusing specs, the dealer gametable4less says it has things like 1 inch slate, k-66 rails, diamond sights, etc etc, you can find the list of specs on the link i gave above

Then i found some other dealers saying no it's 0.75 inch slate, and MDF rails

Now i don't know who to believe, because there is a lot of competition in the pool table market and i think maybe some dealers are feeding me some nonsense so i end up paying for an even more expensive model from them. I really don't know whats going on.

Please help guys

Many thanks

Looking to Buy Pool Table, Need Help Please

Replies & Comments

  1. slippyhettie on 6/9/2007 10:17:45 PM

    I've tested Olhausen pool tables, Brunswick pool tables, World of Leisure pool tables, and Imperial pool tables, and unfortunately, Imperial was the worst of the 4. Poor quality mainly. The one I saw had a few pockets that were loose, and it just didn't feel sturdy. (I'm sure it did at first, and I'm sure that showroom Imperial billiard tables are maintained very very often to keep them feeling tight.)

  2. slippyRoss on 6/9/2007 10:23:28 PM

    I read a review somewhere that insinuated this same thing, and it was from an installer for the Imperial Pool tables. He said that they are definitely of poor quality compared to most other tables they sold. Some of the issues they saw was that the finish separates from the veneer or wood due to improper curing and you are left with poor look between the veneer and the clear coat.

  3. slippyguest on 6/9/2007 10:31:36 PM

    I purchased a new Mahogany Imperial Capetown pool table. So far I am very happy with it. It seems to be well constructed, and looks great. I have to admit that what I see here does not make me feel very good about my purchase, but I think people just have a bias toward the big-name manufacturers.

    What is your budget?

  4. slippyslippy on 6/10/2007 10:22:51 AM

    Hi Guys,

    Many thanks for all your replies

    I am located in Spain, so i am looking to import

    I am looking to pay no more than $1500 for the table. Tell me please for importing (shipping) to Spain do i pay VAT? Or do i only pay VAT once it arrives into a Spanish Port?

    Actually i would prefer to decide firstly upon seeing several good pool tables for $1500 and then maybe go for nothing more than $2000

    I like modern looking tables, black or silver on the outside and electric blue cloth. Ball return system, free play, 3 piece 1 inch or even 1.25 inch slate, k-66 master cushions, and built to BCA spec.

    Is WPA spec tables any good, as good as BCA spec?

    I would buy in Spain if i could find any billiard shops, or distributors, do you guys know of any?

    Sorry for all the questions

    But any help much appreciated

    Many thanks

    Edit: I am also looking to play on a pool table for about 3 months a year, not in a row but on off for about 3 months a year, several hours a day. I am looking for full size American pool table. Playing field size 9ft by 4.5 feet, i would like it to be built to tournament standards in my price range if possible, but i would be using really for practice, for pool competitions with my friends. But i would like it to be the kind of table which if i do get really good i could enter myself into a real pool competition and see how well i do.

  5. slippybilliardsforum on 6/10/2007 11:44:42 AM

    Slippy - welcome to the billiards forums!

    Check out these retailers...they appear to service the geographic region of Spain...

    solpooltables.com/pool_tables.php pool-and-snooker.com superpoolspain.com

    Seriously, shipping a pool table is really expensive, and yes, you'll likely pay vat on entry to your country. Some companies use shipping companies who factor in vat at point-of-sale, but this is not the norm, and is rare. I'd try to find something within your budget from a billiards supply shop in your country. You can get a better table for your total cost if you don't have to pay international shipping fees and VAT fees.

    Actually, BCA now follows WPA specs. See explanation of this at the Official Pool Table Specifications page.

  6. slippyslippy on 6/10/2007 6:18:25 PM

    Many thanks for your great reply

    I took a look those links you gave me, and unfortunately none of the tables from those shops are 9ft except the 9ft Cosmos pool table by a French company called Chevillote. The thing is i have to call to get a price for that table, but upon doing a Google search i found in the UK, it costs 3500 British pounds which makes it way out of my budget.

    What i liked about the imperial black pearl was it only costs $1500 which is £750, 1120 Euros.

    Do you know of any other Spanish retailer/distributor? I can't really find many, the only one i found was one of the shops that you gave me in those links.

    None of the tables from those links you gave me said anything about it being BCA/WPA spec.

    Can you please tell me, if i was importing some pool table from one country in Europe to another country in Europe do i have to pay VAT, customs tax and excise duty? I should be exempt right? Just pay the shipping cost and that's it because i am not shipping outside Europe, or are they going to charge me because of the huge weight?

    Again sorry for all the questions, but I do hope you can please give me some answers.

  7. slippyBigStroke on 6/13/2007 7:10:47 AM

    Hello Slippy.

    We have a retail store in the Phoenix AZ (USA) area. I jockey between sales and installations and installed a number of table brands and styles. I have been mentored by a gentleman trained by Brunswick many many ( he'll kill me if I say how many ) years ago.

    I noticed that there were a few mentions of Imperial. Unfortunately, overall I too have experienced a general lower quality standard and less than solid construction - all except for one table in their line.

    The Santa Barbara. DLT has the same style called the "Erie" and it comes in a 9' size whereas Imperial's Santa Barbara does not.

    It must have been designed by a civil engineer! In my experience, it seems to be one of the strongest and most stable table design (structurally) I have seen to date AND it can be assembled by ONE person! Well, I built it by myself for the showroom :) ...

    DISCLAIMER: I do not suggest building pool tables entirely by yourself - its not nearly as fun.

    The Santa Barbara's table construction reminded me of how Lincoln logs are put together - interlocking and notched cross members (Thick ones).

    To give a general idea about how strong it felt: My partner and I were both literally jumping up and down on top of the frame before the slate was placed on the table!

    ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't suggest doing that at home or when the boss is around.

    So, if you are looking for rock solid table at a decent price look into those two tables or a line with similar construction.

    Good luck... I hope you find what you are looking for! Remember Don't jump on your pool table.

  8. slippyWolverineRick on 9/8/2007 2:08:50 AM

    I sell a variety of Mizerak tables primarily. But, I sell other pool tables that are beautiful and of top quality.

  9. slippyLevi Wang on 9/8/2007 9:24:07 PM

    I try to find some table whose price is under $1500 in China, and then I found several Brand in China provide some table. which sell at the price of 9800 CNY (about $1300).

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Looking to Buy Pool Table, Need Help Please

  • Title: Looking to Buy Pool Table, Need Help Please
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  • Published: 6/8/2007 9:56:13 PM
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