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Info on Livox Billiards Pool Tables?

Info on Livox Billiards Pool Tables?

Is anyone familiar with pool tables from Livox Billiards?

I've been in the market for the past year or so for a used pool table and have come across a Livox Billiards pool table listed on kijiji.

I'm not familiar with the brand, which I believe is long gone, but it is a beautiful pool table. It has a lot of scroll work on it.

It was made in Ontario Canada and I've found some basic company info, but nothing on their pool tables.

The lady is asking $2300 for it, and claims it to be around 10 years old.

Any thoughts would be nice.

I should note, it doesn't claim to be made in Canada, it just has the address on it, which could have been a production facility or maybe just a sales/ distribution center. I have a hunch it's just an import that was trying to look like a domestic product.




Info on Livox Billiards Pool Tables?

Replies & Comments

  1. MyNameGoesHerebilliardsforum on 12/6/2019 2:46:37 PM

    Livox Billiards Corp. was a company that operated out of Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.

    It existed from 2003-06-16 until sometime in 2006 and was run by Alex Oumniaguine and Andrei Lissenkov.

    The pool table in the photo is an imported low-end "furniture-grade" pool table, with Livox's name plate affixed. This was, and still is, a very common practice.

    $2300 is most certainly far too much to pay for a second-hand pool table of this caliber. In fact, it's probably more than double what it's worth.

    I guess it depends on what you are looking for, but I would recommend not purchasing it for anywhere near that price. I would hold off, and keep looking until something comes along.

  2. MyNameGoesHereMyNameGoesHere on 12/6/2019 5:51:11 PM

    Thanks so much for the response.

    Yes I have been looking for the perfect pool table for a long time and I am unwilling to settle for anything I'm not completely confident about.

    I shall take your advice and hold off.

  3. MyNameGoesHerebilliardsforum on 12/7/2019 2:32:21 AM


    It's not so much that I am knocking the pool table itself, but rather, it's the price.

    It's a buyer's market, and you can get a very good used commercial-grade pool table for that kind of money if you are patient.

    Good luck. The right table will come along.

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Info on Livox Billiards Pool Tables?

  • Title: Info on Livox Billiards Pool Tables?
  • Author: (Efren Smith)
  • Published: 12/4/2019 8:15:18 AM
  • Last Updated: 12/6/2019 2:29:06 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)