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Info on "Ace Billiards Company" Pool Tables

Info on "Ace Billiards Company" Pool Tables

I have the opportunity to acquire an "Ace Billiards" pool table for no cost.

The guys are telling me that the pool table is extremely old and the manufacturer was Ace Billiards out of New York. I don't know if this is NY city or NY state.

A Google search and calling several pool table retailers has not provided any information.

I also called Blatt Billiards in New York, they are a 100-year old company that does a lot with antique pool tables. They're great guys and were very helpful considering that I just called out of the blue about a 100 year old pool table, but they needed pictures to help further, and the pool table is currently disassembled.

I am going to look at the pool table and see if I can find any markings on it to help further the search for information.

I am putting this out to the collective to see if there is a scholar or an old guy covered in chalk dust that may know about the "Ace Billiard" Manufacturer.

Info on "Ace Billiards Company" Pool Tables

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  1. user1672861916billiardsforum on 2/6/2023 10:08:32 AM

    I don't have anything in my archives, and it's hard to do a search without knowing the exact company name. Was it:

    • Ace Billiard Manufacturing
    • Ace Billiards Company
    • Ace Billiard Company

    ...and so on.

    Once you can confirm the exact company name, we can likely find something.

    Also, I would love to see some photos of the pool table (either together or apart) if and when you can.

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Info on "Ace Billiards Company" Pool Tables

  • Title: Info on "Ace Billiards Company" Pool Tables
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  • Published: 1/4/2023 11:51:57 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/6/2023 10:09:26 AM
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