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Hollywood Pool Table Brand, Looking for Reviews

Hollywood Pool Table Brand, Looking for Reviews

Does anyone recognize this pool table? I'm trying to work out if the pool table is worth looking at seriously?

Holywood 9 foot Pool Table (trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=890426350)

I have a small budget here and I don't have high expectations. I am not expecting it to stack up against a Brunswick Billiards pool table etc.

But I can't find any info on this pool table anywhere! Which tends to set my spidy senses a twitching!

Hollywood Pool Table Brand, Looking for Reviews

Replies & Comments

  1. Jes.2xuZeke on 5/26/2015 5:34:25 AM

    Looks pretty nice (based on the photo alone) to me. The fact that it is already apart would raise a few questions. Typically, one would sell the table while assembled - so buyer's could see what they're getting.

    Got a name/brand somewhere on the parts? If it's completely disassembled, some piece must have a logo or brand stamp, no?

    And, is it a 7, 8 or 9-footer?

  2. Jes.2xuMikey on 6/13/2015 2:55:32 PM

    It kind of looks like a Valley pool table.

  3. Jes.2xubilliardsforum on 3/7/2016 12:46:32 PM

    Hollywood pool tables are made in South Korea by Hollywood Co., LTD. They have been making pool tables and carom tables since 1987 for export to USA and other countries.

    Hollywood Co., Ltd. 7-9, Shinwon-riI Pubal-eup Icheon-gun Gyeonggi-do South Korea 82-031-636-7765

    kobill.co.kr hollywoodbilliard.com

    leekh605@naver.com kobill7766@naver.com

    Chief Executive Officer: Kwang Sun Hong Employees: 51 to 100 Annual Revenue: USD 5,000,001 - 10,000,000

    On the US side, the Hollywood pool tables are imported by a Korean-owned company called Murray Hill Billiards, Inc.:

    Seong K Baek Murray Hill Billiards, Inc. 153-01 Northern Blvd (basement) Flushing, NY 11354 Formed: 11/25/2015 DOS ID: 4855666

    The last import was for 105 cartons.

    Articles, parts, and accessories for billiards including pockets. 105 cartons of sports equipment for billiards. Carom billiard tables (GOLD PLUS) billiard furniture, billiard balls

    Hollywood Co., LTD. Pool Tables

    Model: GPH-6001-E (ebony)

    Model: GPH-6001-B (black)

    The GPH-6001 gives confidence through precise and reliable cushioning and Hole representatives exports Hollywood. The GPH 6001 pool table model is excellent choice for a moderate priced commercial table. This table features double quad stacked frame with matched three pieces professional stabilized, wide rails with cast metal-corners for wareability and longevity of performance and good looks. The additional added beauty of numerical cut design add to the great look of this table.

    Model: MAGA-POOL (Mega Pool)

    • Release date: May 02, 2012
    • Pockets Size (inner) 1,270 X 2,540mm

    HOLLYWOOD MEGA POOL mythical creation of high-quality pocket billiards realize a dream of pocket billiards, an innovative new 2012 model year has been seeking the comfort of a bridge position to realize ergonomic design of the needs of enthusiasts.

    Model: Europa 9705

    The Europa 9705 pool table is a serious player model for carom table. In Europe, the billiard mecca, this model is generally known to traditional design and put great emphasis on stability, durability, most importantly playability.This model also can be perfectly levelled with new double structure of cast leg-nail. The corner angle is treated to special cutting by automatic machine and can assemble through a simple procedure.

    Model: Europa 2000

    The Europa-2000 pool table made a breakthrough in new technology by creating diverse moods. The design model of industrial-educational cooperative system recognized by BCA in the U.S. challenges the world's best. It is able to that your feel new game because of treated high the gravity and solidity for material wood L.V.L, the rail, a subsidiary-wood. And the look better your interior decoration for the suit of material wood and sculpture at billiard. Also we have developed the corner that it is treated to dainty casting of gold color caster. So it is more then sleek and clean. And we reinforced the convenience by developed a horizon of the regulators. POCKET EUROPA 2002 Busan Asian Games entries - Korean creative design.

    Hollywood Co., LTD. Carom Tables

    Model: King Cobra

    The Hollywood King Cobra carom table, released: January 2010, features high-tech design and superior technology to create the world's top table and start from the creative inspiration and passion is endless.

    • Bolt the side of 60
    • Uses special materials
    • 65mm high quality slate stones
    • Completely silent excellence
    • Strong reliable design
    • Beautiful dynamics of the structure

    HOLLYWOOD KING COBRA carom of evolution. Made with Indonesian Mahoney, a smooth birth of the timber will deliver a new experience of players the perfect combination of various technologies. The International Battalion for 2009 Hong Kong East Asian Games approved billiards - SIZE (inside diameter ) _1,422 2845 millimeters COLOR ebony (e) or black (B)

    Model: Davinci

    HOLLYWOOD DAVINCI luxury carom pool table "DAVINCI" comfort and modern design chic has gotten the desired performance as a premium pool table with a noble dignity. Released in 2012. Similar to but smaller than the King Cobra carom table.

    • Standard diameter 1,224 X 2,448 mm (four)
    • Bore 1,270 X 2,540 mm (great international cuisine)
    • Colors black (B), ebony (E)
    • Same color tops

    Model: Gold Plus

    Domestic carom pool table. Renowned premium pool table. Masterpiece of elegance and sensibility of partners. Convenient lifestyle Easy assembly. Specifications - 2448 mm diameter X 1 224 - 1,500 X 2,720 mm OD.

    Model: Gold Plus S

    The Gold Plus S is a great entry level carom table.

    Model: Pro-Am (PRO & AM)

    Date Released: September 2011. 2011 Suwon World Cup official pool table. composite bolt type = next bolt + under the bolt piece tops = adenylate neck + upper frame 1:01 custom installation = tops + slab + H beam 60mm slab 100mm H beam (hureim) film heaters (heating film + only insulation)

    Model: Pro-Am S

    The Pro-Am S carom table, released 2012 was the Suwon World Cup 2012 official billiards table!

    Model: Pro-Am V

    The Pro-Am V carom table, released March 2014. Bolt bore 1422 x 2844

    Model: 3 in 1 3 in 1 (carom billiards table, table tennis, office conference table) Household Carom Pool Table

    Released March 2013. Pool Table size - in around 1060 X 2120 and 1360 X 2420 if ping-pong table 1400 X 2560 (1400 X 1280: 2 EA) office conference table!

    Model: Gold 2012 Cyprus

    The Hollywood Cyprus carom billiard table. Bore 2448 X 1224 - colors: Black (B), Ebony (E)

    Model: Luciano (Ruciano)

    The name on this carom table looks like "Luciano" but the website says it is "Ruciano". The Ruciano is a carom table with great storage space - excellent cushioning feeling and quiet - SIZE (diameter): 1,270 X 2,540mm.

    Model: Superstar (Super Star)

    The super star carom table. Deep in elegant billiards put in in the minds profound atmosphere of a superstar you before that feeling came to you with high quality.

    • Functionality: billiards vibrant seemed to breathe the performance and features of a comfortable feeling
    • Convenience: to decompose in the Assembly carried One Stop relaxation of the Line
    • Future cash pool table in the sense of meeting space
    • Standard bore 2448 m * 1224 / m -diameter 1500 * 2720 m / m

    Hollywood Billiard Tables Company History

    • February 2012 - CEO appointed Mr. Kwang-Sun Hong
    • September 2012 - Suwon World Cup 2012 won three cushion billiards tournament qualified pool table
    • August 2011 - Suwon World Cup 2011 3-Cushion Billiards pool table Conference authorized
    • February 2011 - KINTEX Exhibition obsolete housing trend
    • August 2010 - 2010 Chuncheon World Leisure Conference visit
    • March 2010 - xCOEX Exhibition Fair Sports
    • July 2009 - East Asian Games [Hong Kong] authorized dealer network selection pool table
    • December 2008 - Ministry of Culture award-field light [National Leisure Sports]
    • June 2007 - Mayor of Seoul commendation [National Leisure Sports]
    • March 2007 - Industry and Energy Award-field light [Chamber of Commerce and best entrepreneurs;]
    • September 2006 - Mini pool table "Annie queue" development [E-Mart delivery;]
    • July 2004 - Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy "Good Design [GOOD DESIGN] Product Award"
    • December 2003 - Minister of Culture and Tourism "excellent athletic equipment manufacturer specifies"
    • August 2003 - Gyeonggi Promising SME
    • February 2003 - Obtaining international certificate ISO [ISO 9001: 2000: 14001]
    • April 1998 - "Busan Asian Games in 2002." Certified Contractor selection pool table
    • March 1997 - Changed the Hollywood Co., Ltd.
    • September 1990 - inaugural CEO Ray Hong
    • 1988 - New factory in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province
    • December 1987 - Special Olympics certified pool table specifies vendor selection
    • December 1987 - Acquired trade gapryu
    • December 1987 - Opened Seoul Office and Exhibition: Samsung-dong Trade Center
    • June 1985 - Geosan Industrial Co., Ltd. Incorporated and founded. Inaugural CEO hong young seon
  4. Jes.2xuuser1497107155 on 6/10/2017 10:55:26 AM

    This is Diginomix Henry Vuong,

    I purchased 18 pool tables shipped to the US and as you recommend, hired your technician Erick from New York to come to California to install 17 pool tables for the labor price of $10,250 USD.

    However, all of the pool tables are bad because of rail and flatness. They were inspected by Mr. Pack, the Korean agent of Hollywood billiard tables in Southern California. Also players have complained about them and they are not happy when they play.

    Please let me known what should I do.

    (949) 923-1494

  5. Jes.2xuuser1563294495 on 7/16/2019 9:28:16 AM

    Can someone send me the characteristics and prices of the following Hollywood pool tables:

    I am from Bolivia.

    • King Cobra
    • Davinci
    • Pro Am
    • Pro Am S
    • Pro Am V

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Hollywood Pool Table Brand, Looking for Reviews

  • Title: Hollywood Pool Table Brand, Looking for Reviews
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/25/2015 3:44:06 PM