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Brunswick Madison Pool Table Variations

Brunswick Madison Pool Table Variations

I'm a casual player looking to purchase my first table. I came across this Brunswick Madison pool table recently. Here's the pic:

My research online shows this as the image for the Brunswick Madison:

My question is, what's with the different designs?

Did Brunswick make two distinctly different versions of the Madison? I'd appreciate any insight anyone can offer.

Brunswick Madison Pool Table Variations

Replies & Comments

  1. dklein777user1540324084 on 10/23/2018 12:48:05 PM

    I’m searching for info on the Brunswick Madison pool table in your original pic (the first one with the fancy legs, LOL).

    I have one of these but only continuously get images of the other (square legs). I’m quite confused.

    Only label/sticker that I can found in my table is “Madison by Brunswick, Model BT, Serial NR.

    Have you found any information?

  2. dklein777billiardsforum on 10/23/2018 5:12:44 PM

    Your Brunswick Madison pool tables are from their 1984 release under that name. This version is completely unrelated to the square-legged one from a much earlier era.

    Photos and Technical Information from the Brunswick Madison 1983 Fact and Specification sheet below:

    • Year of ManufactureFrom 1984 To 1996

    7 Foot options (38" x 76" Playfield)

    • Slate: 3 pc. 1" framed, 1 1/4" Brunstone
    • Length (in):86
    • Width (in):48
    • Weight (lbs):665

    8 Home options (44" x 88" Playfield)

    • Slate: 3 pc. 1" framed, 1 1/4" Brunstone
    • Length (in):102
    • Width (in):58
    • Weight (lbs):855

    The baseframe is composed of two full-length side beams, one full-length 2 1/4" center beam and four cross support beams for maximum strength. Base frame made of plywood for superior rigidity.

    Eight step furniture finish for beauty and durability.

    Solid hardwood rails are supported by and bolted through the slate for maximum rigidity. The floating nut plate design allows rails to be precisely positioned and permanently pulled down to the playfield.

    Solid hardwood construction for maximum stability. All wood is kiln-dried to resist warpage.

    Pearlized inlaid sights have a maximum tolerance of 30/1000ths of an inch for accurate play.

    All pocket openings are made to exacting industry standards and feature leather net pockets with leather shield.

    Super Speed molded gum rubber, canvas-backed cushions, the standard of the industry, assure maximum acuracy, true ball rebound and consistent playability.

    Three piece matched and registered full sized slate precision machined level to 10/1000ths of a inch and extends beneath the rails for consistent playability.

    The Madison's antique line date back to an earlier era. Solid hardwood construction provides maximum stability and the eight step furniture finish highlights the natural beauty of this all wood table. Traditional leather net pockets and shields enhance the Madison's antique styling. Three-piece matched and registered full-size slate provides a permanent level playing surface. Superior rigidity is provided by a base frame composed of two full-length side beams, one full-length center beam and four support beams. The Madison is available in an 8' model in traditional pocket style only.

    • Manufacturer suggested retail price, 1996, 7' model: USD$4,165
    • Manufacturer suggested retail price, 1996, 8' model: USD$4,385



  3. dklein777user1540324084 on 4/17/2019 6:15:49 PM

    The information that you provided on this pool table is fantastic. Thank you so much.

    Do you have instruction regarding how to break down this table? I’m moving and need to disassemble the pool table.

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Brunswick Madison Pool Table Variations

  • Title: Brunswick Madison Pool Table Variations
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  • Published: 9/13/2011 10:05:34 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/23/2018 5:18:51 PM
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