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BCE Black Cat vs. Air King Triple Master 3-in-1 Game Table, Which is Better?

BCE Black Cat vs. Air King Triple Master 3-in-1 Game Table, Which is Better?

I am trying to choose the best 7-foot pool table for our garage, and I need some help choosing.

Our budget is very cheap, something between £300 to £500 pounds. This means that it will be a non-slate pool table. I really just need a pool table that isn't slow-playing.

I'm looking at:

  1. BCE Black Cat 7ft pool table (I'm told it is slow), or
  2. Air King Mahogany 7ft pool table. (Not sure if it plays fast or slow)

Which one do you think would be the best out of these two below.

BCE Black Cat American Pool Table - 7ft

  • Model: BCE HPT1-7
  • Price: £555
  • Manufacturer: BCE Riley Pool Tables
  • Complete with accessories
  • 2 ¼” Pool Balls
  • Independent Leg Levellers
  • Ball return system
  • Dimensions: 212cm x 121cm x 79cm (H)

The BCE “Black Cat” 7’ Pool table is the top of our non-slate bed range. Complete with full size American pool balls, this really offers a near slate quality playing surface and looks fantastic in the home.


Source: bcetablesports.com/online-store/BCE-Black-Cat-American-Pool-Table-7ft-black-with-blue-cloth-fixed-leg-p119700750

Air King Triple Master - 7ft 3-in-1 Game Table with Mahogany Body

  • 7ft Deluxe Pool Table
  • Red, Blue Or Green Cloth
  • Slide Hockey Table Top
  • Table Tennis Top
  • All Accessories Included
  • Self Leveling Legs

Air King offer you this deluxe home gaming experience in the shape of the 3 in 1 Triple Master. With a deluxe 7ft pool table, table hockey and table tennis table all in one high-quality games unit, Air King are giving you the chance to own 3 different high-quality activity tables for the price and size of one.

Accessories for each individual table are provided to ensure your Triple Master 3 in 1 is ready to use as soon as your table arrives. Offering only the highest quality games equipment the Triple Master 3 in 1 includes self-levelling legs to ensure that your table maintains a smooth even playing surface.


Source: sportandleisureuk.com/walker-and-simpson-7ft-gamesmaster-3-in-1-deluxe-in-mahogany

Can you please let me know your thoughts on which of these two pool tables is the better one?

BCE Black Cat vs. Air King Triple Master 3-in-1 Game Table, Which is Better?

Replies & Comments

  1. user1651266380RayMills on 4/29/2022 5:30:36 PM

    Without me looking at your links, you need to tell us your intentions with your billiards future. You seem to be focusing on cheap, light, small, and fast, but this all comes second to your investment of how long you want your enjoyment to last and what constitutes your enjoyment. Is simply pocketing balls your idea of fun, or is it vanquishing opponents?

    I'm in my 60's, and long ago I never would have put much priority on low-weight (as those pool tables tend to jar too easily) and small in size (because skills improvement as well as competition outside the home is usually promoted on larger pool tables).

    Speed is very relative due to the current condition of the cushions, surface flatness, and the cloth's resistance.

    It is a buyer's market for used pool tables, with the main investment being the work to move one into the home. I advocate for free pool tables off of Craigslist, etc. My 8-foot barbox single-slate pool table cost me $150, and I'd want to get as many long-term qualities as I could included in such a find. I would consider non-slate pool table to be a waste of time, but possibly you are trying a "baby step" in your pool table ownership future. That tactic I would fully appreciate.

  2. user1651266380user1651266380 on 4/29/2022 9:02:58 PM

    Thanks, I appreciate your help. That's good advice. I have not managed to come across any used slate pool tables for price I can afford yet.

    I know that the BCE Black cat is the best quality pool table that plays closest to a slate-based pool table. Maybe if the balls come to a stop a bit too early, that is still OK? I want to use it to learn to play pool, to practice potting balls, and work on cue ball skills to help leave it in a good position, etc.

  3. user1651266380RayMills on 5/1/2022 2:26:52 AM

    Reading your earnest reply motivated me to check the links, but neither worked. They did get within the companies' sites, but not to the product pages.

  4. user1651266380user1651266380 on 5/1/2022 2:33:40 AM

    You might need to just copy those pool table names directly into google.

    • Bce black cat 7ft pool table
    • Walker and Simpson Crosby 7ft

    I'm taken to the red Walker one!

  5. user1651266380billiardsforum on 5/11/2022 6:26:06 AM

    I've updated the original question with the product details.

  6. user1651266380user1651266380 on 5/11/2022 9:14:53 AM

    I ended up getting a Gamesson Cambridge 7 ft. pool table for the garage. I will report back when I get it.

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BCE Black Cat vs. Air King Triple Master 3-in-1 Game Table, Which is Better?

  • Title: BCE Black Cat vs. Air King Triple Master 3-in-1 Game Table, Which is Better?
  • Author: (Carl Kinsman)
  • Published: 4/29/2022 2:06:21 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/11/2022 6:16:59 AM
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