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Apache Pool Table Reviews

Apache Pool Table Reviews

Does anyone know anything about Apache pool tables (Apache Coin-OP pool tables)?

I have a friend selling an Apache coin operated pool table in good condition, but I have never heard of this brand of pool tables. I know about Valley and Brunswick pool tables.

  • Does anyone have any information about pool tables by this brand?
  • Are they good? Bad?
  • Are there any known problems?
  • Would it be worth $650?

This pool table will go in an unheated pole barn / workshop in Michigan. I have wanted a pool table my whole life and this is the best place I have until I win the lottery.

I cant find anything on Apache coin-op pool tables on line.

Apache Pool Table Reviews

Replies & Comments

  1. user1600179378billiardsforum on 9/15/2020 1:05:13 PM

    I don't know anything about the brand, but almost all of the old listings I've seen for them have been from Michigan. That tells me the company may have either been based out of Michigan or had a presence there.

    I've seen a few classified ads for them over the past few years with prices ranging from $300 to $650. $650 would be the absolute upper end of what I would pay for one of these pool tables. They are older in style, and pool tables like them are a dime a dozen these days.

    I couldn't tell you if $650 is an appropriate value for the one you are looking at because you have not shared any photos and have not let us know what, if anything comes with it. But sight-unseen, and assuming it comes with balls and a few house cues, $650 would be the top end of what I would pay. Look around and you'll be surprised what pool tables you can find (especially in Michigan) for that price or less.

    Here's a 7-foot Apache pool table that was selling for $650, in Cleveland OH, in 2018 on Craigslist (not sure if it sold at that price though):




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Apache Pool Table Reviews

  • Title: Apache Pool Table Reviews
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/15/2020 7:16:19 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/15/2020 12:50:38 PM
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