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Antiqua Pool Table

Antiqua Pool Table

I have a chance to buy an "Antiqua" pool table. The only marking on it is "Antiqua".

Can anyone give me some information about this make of pool table?

Antiqua Pool Table

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  1. playtymebilliardsbilliardsforum on 2/9/2012 9:21:19 AM

    Could it have been the Longoni Billiards "Antigua" model pool table? Even they spell it both ways in their brochure, and they have an American billiard version.

    From the Brochure:

    The "Antiqua" pool table is considered as the most prestigious table of Longoni production. It was created following an original sample aged "end of 18th century" that is still present in the company . This table is the ensemble of ancient craftsmanship and modern technology

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Antiqua Pool Table

  • Title: Antiqua Pool Table
  • Author: (Dennis Miller)
  • Published: 2/7/2012 8:24:11 AM