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American Heritage Eclipse Pool Table Price

American Heritage Eclipse Pool Table Price

I am considering buying a new pool table.

I received a quote of $1500 for a new American Heritage 8' pool table. The style is an American Heritage "Eclipse" pool table.

Is $1500 a good deal for that billiard table?

American Heritage Eclipse Pool Table Price

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  1. guestBilliardsBill on 6/15/2012 1:15:54 AM

    That's a beautiful table and sounds like a great price, too. Don't forget about delivery and set-up charges, though. That will probably add four to five hundred dollars to the price. Still a great deal, considering how nice that table is. Good choice in my opinion. After it is set up, post a picture of it here under the home pool rooms section. My table is very similar in style to the one you are thinking about getting and you can see it there.

  2. guestManOtar on 6/15/2012 12:26:06 PM

    Pool table installation will definitely hit your pocket book with an unexpected $300 - $500. Delivery is also something to consider although I don't know exact prices or even a decent estimate without knowing where you are.

    As BilliardsBill says, its a good choice. I'm a huge fan of my Mesa pool table:


    You might want to look if they have a style like that one you were quoted for from American Heritage.

    Good luck with your purchase!

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American Heritage Eclipse Pool Table Price

  • Title: American Heritage Eclipse Pool Table Price
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  • Published: 6/14/2012 7:37:43 PM
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