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American Heirloom Pool Tables

American Heirloom Pool Tables

Has anyone every bought a pool table online from American Heirloom? (ahpooltables.com)

I have priced them from Olhausen from a local dealer and can pay essentially the same price except the American Heirloom will come with thicker slate (1 1/8" vs 7/8") and they are willing to upgrade to Mahogany for no extra cost. I'm just a little nervous about spending that much money without being able to see it first.

American Heirloom Pool Tables

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  1. yesrandeeGinger on 4/9/2007 9:35:10 PM

    American Heirloom is the new version of the old "Gandy" pool table manufacturing company. I've heard some reports that the pockets were "tight" but other than that, most seemed positive.

    One American Heirloom billiard table review I read from a guy who used to sell the Gandy billiard tables was mixed. He said that the American Heirloom tables were some of the most structurally sound tables out there, but that they played "like crap." He indicated that they many had to be shimmed in the center about a quarter inch due to sagging of the frame, which resulted from poor design. This may have been improved with today's designs.

    Alternatively, a friend from Washington bought an American Heirloom table about 15 months ago, and has had no problems at all. When I visited, I found that the table played well and looked great. He said that American Heirloom customer service was good and that he got a good feeling from them. He felt your same anxiousness when he ordered, but most of his concerns were covered by a quick call to their customer service.

  2. yesrandeeyesrandee on 7/25/2007 10:43:03 PM

    Thanks for the reply. I checked out the tables you suggested and was pretty impressed with the Spencer Marston web site but after a little more research I found Pool Tables Direct and that site was very impressive.

    I know I can only take that with a grain of salt but to be honest, I don't really know the important specs about pool tables. If you would give me your opinion on this brand I would be very appreciative.

  3. yesrandeeguest on 10/15/2007 1:41:54 PM

    The company making American Heirloom pool tables has closed their doors.

    Look at their website, its a different company now...

  4. yesrandeealexwperry on 2/3/2011 9:48:17 AM

    American Heirloom Pool Tables was basically hijacked from Gandy. Gandy was in Macon, Georgia, but AHP was located in McDonough, Georgia. There is none of the experience from the 50+ years of Gandy's existence in American Heirloom pool tables. To the best of my knowledge, American Heirloom pool tables are produced in a garage shop at a residence.

    How do I know this?

    I was there for Gandy's closure, and for American Heirloom's opening. I was a partner at AHP, but left when I became unhappy with company decisions.

    I personally owned the trademark Gandy for a year after it's closure. I trained the person who is currently building AHP pool tables. I build the same tables in my cabinet shop in Forsyth, Georgia, but I only do work in a limited area (central and north georgia) I also possess many of the original patterns and template used to produce the original Gandy tables. With the proper specifications, any competent cabinetmaker should be able to build a nice table.

    The person currently operating as AHP, in reality, does not have the knowledge of what effect changes in design will have on game play, which tends to explain why I have seen comments about overly tight pockets and sagging frames.

    I will gladly answer any further questions out there on the subject.

  5. yesrandeetlayne on 3/21/2011 4:26:20 PM

    I have a Gandy custom table that was originally made for the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe here in Columbus, Ohio. It went out of business just over a year ago and I was able to pick up the table at their auction for $200 bucks. I am actually starting work on it tonight, gonna try and refinish it. The look of the table is pretty cool, nothing like the Big G. I was kinda suprised they used Crest rail rubber though. I am gonna need new pockets and was told they are antique #6. Are you familiar with this table?

  6. yesrandeetcmcfadden on 4/23/2011 11:22:00 PM

    @alexwperry - I am in Greenville, SC and I understand you are in central to north GA and are a former owner of Gandy.

    I was wondering if you are still in the business of making billiard tables. If so, can we talk about having a table delivered here to SC?

    If not, can you recommend the best value for a table for a 4''x8'' for my home?

  7. yesrandeereyn3545 on 6/24/2011 7:33:49 AM

    I need to buy a set of legs for my American Heirloom pool table. My basement flooded and the legs split when they dehumidified the room. Does anyone know where the orignal legs were manufactured, or if alexwperry is reading these posts... can you send me a PM?

  8. yesrandeeKrypton on 11/13/2011 11:56:47 PM

    I have a few Gandy Big G's that I am redoing, I need 1 corner and 1 side pocket as well as one table skirt corner. Do you happen to have any of these or know where I can get them? Overall condition isnt that important besides not being broken. The skirt corner needed is 7.5 inches.

    please email me at saulszee(at)gmail.com, I wanted to send you a PM but the forum doesnt allow it until I make 10 "meaningful" posts and this is really my only reason for joining here.

  9. yesrandeetheadjunkie on 1/31/2012 2:03:59 PM

    Can anyone help me on my Gandy 6 leg pool table?

    Here is my post: Information about my Gandy 6 leg pool table?

    I have not been able to find it anywhere on the net.

    I am hoping that @AlexWPerry can help. You are the only employee of Gandy pool tables that I can find on the internet.

    Or anyone, please...

  10. yesrandeeGeorgeUSAF on 5/10/2012 6:12:07 PM

    @Ginger - Did he buy a new pool table or an older model?

    @yesrandee - Did you buy the table or go to another type?

    @Krypton - What do you think of the Gandy Big G tables that were made in the 80's? Are they good or better then the ones after the company went under?

    @alexwperry - Hi and thanks. I am looking at a table built in 1987 and looks almost new. Can you tell me how this table would compare to a gold crown of it would? Also how long before the banks stop performing well? I have read some threads on here that talk about the new company not being very good.

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American Heirloom Pool Tables

  • Title: American Heirloom Pool Tables
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  • Published: 4/9/2007 8:49:23 PM