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Equally Weighted/Forward Weighted

Equally Weighted/Forward Weighted

I am somewhat beginner and still developing consistent cue control. I purchased a cue That is all bottom heavy and I did not like it. Then, I read that if i get one with more weight towards the front, it will provide a little bit more stability. But all the sticks I read about seem to be brake sticks.

What do you recommend to purchase? That is equally weighted or at least somewhat weighted towards the front.?. I’m open…Lucasi? Predator? — I guess I want metal on wood? Or whatever metal and metal is fine too. I just want a little bit more weight towards the front.

Equally Weighted/Forward Weighted

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  1. CielCutieQueuser1711021651 on 5/31/2024 5:16:01 PM

    A cuemaker, Black Blade (previously known as "Liquid Weight Cues"), touts that the weight should be more forward. They have a sliding weight in the butt and another in the shaft to make more weight toward the front. The sliding weight, however, acts like a dead blow hammer and puts more force after the cue stick hits the ball. Nonetheless, preference-wise, maybe you would love one of their cues.

    McDermott has a sophisticated weight-transfer system in the butts of their H-series cues. You can place the weight nearer or further from the butt end.

    The unbelievably low-priced, high quality cue, Cuetec's "Avid Chroma", has a movable weight system in the butt, too. It doesn't seem to have the same flexibility as the McDermott.

    Black Blade USED to push the advantages of a forward-weight. See that at their older website, cuetrader.org. You would probably like reading their take on this. The newer website, blackbladecarbon.com, downplays this concept.

    On the "Cue Trader" website mentioned above, the company claims the balance point is much nearer cue tip than any other cues.

    Forward weighted technology produces a cue balance point up to 35% further forward compared to standard cues. Producing an amazing feeling of control and power.

    I had the same problem as you did. I bought a $250 carbon fiber butt and it was just too much at the butt end when I connected it to my CF shaft. Two cue sticks can have the same weight and one will seem lighter because the weight is more evenly balanced across the stick. That is important to me.

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Equally Weighted/Forward Weighted

  • Title: Equally Weighted/Forward Weighted
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/17/2024 4:04:21 AM