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Vip Billiards Catonsville MD

NOTE: VIP Billiards of Catonsville Maryland is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Vip Billiards Catonsville MD

VIP Billiards Address

Vip Billiards Catonsville Logo Vip Billiards Catonsville

6541 Baltimore National Pike
Catonsville, MD 21228-3906 USA
  • Baltimore County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • VIP Billiards Pool Hall

Contact VIP Billiards

Reach VIP Billiards using the contact info below:

Vip Billiards Catonsville Phone Number

  • (410) 747-2551 (VIP Billiards Phone Number)

VIP Billiards Website

  • http://www.vipbilliards.net

VIP Billiards Facebook

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/VIP-BILLIARDS-Catonsville/201127557317
  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/VIP-Billiards/119841714698661

VIP Billiards Twitter

  • https://twitter.com/vipbilliardsmd

Logos for VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD

Logos from VIP Billiards in Catonsville, Maryland.

VIP Billiards Logo, Catonsville, MD

A logo from VIP Billiards in Catonsville, MD.

Logo for VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD

A VIP Billiards logo. VIP Billiards is a now-closed pool hall based out of Catonsville, MD.

VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD

Photos of the outside of VIP Billiards pool hall in Catonsville, MD.

Sign for VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD

A VIP Billiards sign in Catonsville, MD.

Storefront at VIP Billiards of Catonsville, MD

The store front of VIP Billiards, a Catonsville, MD pool hall.

Inside the VIP Billiards Pool Hall in Catonsville, MD

Photos from inside the now-closed VIP Billiards pool room in Catonsville, Maryland.

VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD

One of the Brunswick Gold Crown pool table at VIP Billiards, a pool hall in Catonsville, MD.

Racking the Balls at VIP Billiards of Catonsville, MD

Racking the balls at VIP Billiards, a Catonsville, MD pool hall.

VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD

The carom billiard table at VIP Billiards, a place to play 3-cushion billiards or carom billiards in Catonsville, MD.

Shooting Pool at VIP Billiards of Catonsville, Maryland

Shooting some pool at VIP Billiards, a Catonsville, MD pool room.

VIP Billiards Catonsville, Maryland

The spectator area overlooking the pool tables at VIP Billiards, a billiard parlorin Catonsville, MD.

Pool Table Light at VIP Billiards of Catonsville, MD

A great "billiard table" pool table light at VIP Billiards, a Catonsville, MD pool hall.

Break Shot at VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD

Pool player performing a break shot at VIP Billiards, a place to play pool in Catonsville, MD.

Shooting Pool at VIP Billiards of Catonsville, MD

Pool player making a shot at VIP Billiards, a Catonsville, MD pool hall.

VIP Billiards Catonsville, MD Pool Hall

Shooting pool at VIP Billiards, a place to play pool in Catonsville, MD.

Pool Tables at VIP Billiards of Catonsville, MD

Some of the pool tables at VIP Billiards, a Catonsville, MD pool hall.

Vip Billiards Catonsville - Store Info

VIP Billiards has good stock of pool cues, cue cases, and billiard accessories for sale.

In our pro-shot, you'll find in-Stock Cues featuring Action, J.Pechauer, Voodoo, Outlaw, Mayhem and others!

Browse our dealer catalog for hundreds of choices - special orders usually arrive in less than a week.

We also carry cases, gloves, chalkers, scuffers, and many more accessories.

Vip Billiards Catonsville - Pool Hall Info

Finally...a pool room by pool players for pool players!

Welcome to VIP Billiards - pool, billiards, carom, and so much more!!

In the Eighties and Nineties, VIP Billiards was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. If you had friends, they were here. If you didn't have friends you would make them here. Pounding music and waiting lines were the norm - every local High School and College were represented at VIP and the addictive atmosphere made you never want to go home.

Flash forward to today - in the age of XBox and Playstation coupled with a crippling economy that keeps people from going out to have fun.The "kids" disappeared and music got turned way down - is the local pool scene dead?

In May of 2011, long time customers and VIP Regulators Steve and Jess Didier purchased VIP Billiards from Mr. Kim. With a simple goal to treat everyone fairly and create a pool room "by pool players, for pool players" the new owners were immediately faced with the most difficult task of all - how to even keep VIP open? By trying new ideas, not being afraid to fail, and giving the customers what they want without sacrificing their own values, rules, or the good of the room.

Today VIP proudly hosts the Mid-Atlantic's largest pool tour - the Action Pool Tour, on a regular basis. We also host the JPNEWT women's tour, Planet Pool, and the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour. We boast the best and most well kept tables in Maryland with all 9ft tables and a variety of shim levels. We offer 5 straight rail tables for cushion players including 3-ball, 4-ball, etc. We have something for everyone, from serious and professional shooters to first timers and we welcome newcomers. Our regular customers are the friendliest people anywhere and often stop to chat with other customers between games. Of course the state-of-the-art sound system is still here, and we tend to exercise it a little on Friday/Saturday nights! Aside from recently replacing the felt on most of the tables we have added a dance floor light in the waiting area for special events (or any time people want to dance) and a few other lighting surprises lie in wait as well!

VIP is also available for your special event, and our "no alcohol" policy makes us the perfect venue for teen and under 21 parties. We have hosted an After Prom party, several Birthdays, and a few Church outings.

VIP Billiards is a pool room first and foremost. We strive to provide the best equipment and environment for pool players of every caliber. However, VIP is also the coolest place to hang out with your friends, listen to great music, have fun, and meet new people. If you haven't been to VIP lately, stop in and see where we are today - and where we're headed tomorrow!

VIP Billiards is clean, safe, smoke and alcohol free. All ages, including those under 21 welcome.

  • 20 tables on main floor, featuring 12 Brunswick Gold Crown pool tables and 8 Chevilotte Cosmos tables with granite beds
  • separate Billiard Room featuring 5 full size straight rail carom tables
  • extensive selection of snacks and non alcoholic drinks
  • Handicap/wheelchair accessible

A message from the owners, Steve and Jess, in 2013 upon closing the business:

We feel as if we did everything possible to remain operating for our customers, for as long as we could hold on. Whatever the reasons may be, pool is just not as popular as it once was and good pool rooms are sinking all around us. In our case, first the neighboring property owner banned our customers from parking in his lot - even though there was no open business on his property. That move relegated our customers to squeeze in to the small lot out back, and many customers were not comfortable parking back there. We were also often sharing parking with Baltimore Martial Arts, whose clients easily overburdened all of the available parking. So - we had a pool room with no parking, and to top it off our landlord refused to assign any dedicated parking for VIP.

At the same time, we learned that there are plans underway for the construction of a new building that will occupy most of the parking area in front and will totally block the view of our building from Rt. 40. No parking, no visibility, no signage = no point in staying. There were some other issues at play as well, such as problems reaching a lease agreement with the landlord and the increased crime in the area.

We realize that by closing VIP we hurt our customers - VIP had become a landmark of sorts and it will be missed by many. We also created a gaping hole in the pool community, as there are few "good" pool rooms still in operation, and certainly none locally. For this we apologize and hope you can forgive us.

We were able to store most of the equipment, at least temporarily and WE DO intend to reopen at another location and probably under a different name. Watch our Facebook Page, VIP Billiards - Catonsville for more information on that. We will miss VIP, our customers, our friends, our tournament directors and Pro players, and everyone else that has made our time with VIP so rewarding.

Steve & Jess

Vip Billiards Catonsville - Billiard Instruction

Pool instruction is available at VIP Billiards.

Learn Basic and Intermediate skills from Jess Didier - BCA Recognized Pool Instructor

  • Improve your game
  • Learn to play the right way
  • Impress your friends!

Contact today to schedule your first lesson. jdidier@vipbilliards.net

Vip Billiards Catonsville Business Information

Vip Billiards Catonsville Employees

Steve DidierOwner, VIP Billiards Maryland
Jess Didier


  • Billiard Supplies
  • Pool Halls
  • Billiard Lessons


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