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The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh PA

The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh PA

The Billiard Archive Address

The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh

**No Public Physical Location**
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2904 USA
  • Allegheny County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Billiard Archive
  • Billiard Archives
  • Pittsburgh Billiard Archive
  • Billiards Archive
  • Billiards Archives
  • Pittsburgh Billiards Museum and Archive

Contact The Billiard Archive

Reach The Billiard Archive using the contact info below:

The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh Phone Number

  • (412) 681-8916 (Phone Number)

The Billiard Archive Website

  • http://www.billiardarchive.org

The Billiard Archive Facebook

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Billiard-Archive/120148561374659

People from The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh, PA

Pictures of the owners of The Billiard Archive of Pittsburgh, PA

The Billiard Archive Curator Mike Shamos

Mike Shamos, owner and curator of the The Billiard Archive, a Pittsburgh, PA non-profit organization.

The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh - Cue Sport Organization Info

The Pittsburgh Billiard Archive is a not-for-profit organization responsible for a large collection of billiard history in North America. A blurb about the Billiard Archive and it's founder nicely describes it's mission:

I am Curator of The Billiard Archive, a Pennsylvania non-profit foundation set up to preserve the game's history. The Billiard Archive holds the largest collection of prints and paintings on the subject of billiard in the United States.

It is not open to the public at this time.

The Curator, Michael Shamos, has published some of the Billiard Archive's information, in a series of books. The most popular, called The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards (links to amazon) has several editions, and is highly regarded.

The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh Business Information

Entity ID 770940
Entity Legal Name The Billiard Archive
Entity US State of Registration PA
Date Registered 8/15/1983
Entity Status Active
Business Type Domestic Non-Profit
Date of Last Data Refresh 3/6/2018

The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh Employees

Michael Ian ShamosCurator, Founder, Owner, The Billiard Archive(412) 681-8398 (Michael Shamos Phone Number)shamos@cs.cmu.edu

Key Dates

  • The Billiard Archive Pittsburgh was founded on 1983-08-15


  • Billiard Associations


  • Location Not Open to Public

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