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Saunier Wilhem Birmingham AL

NOTE: The Saunier-Wilhem Company is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED. This was one of two remaining locations (and the other was in PA). The company started in Pittsburgh PA and eventually grew into NC and AL under leadership from P. F. Wilhem, Joseph A. Wilhem Jr., and James F. Wilhem. "HEADS Billiards" (Home Entertainment and Decor Systems, Inc.) in Elon, NC bought the billiards supplies division from Saunier-Wilhem when they closed up shop. In October of 2007, Oakland Portal Partners, LP bought the former Saunier-Wilhelm Co. Building at 3216 Fifth Ave., Oakland from Sound Capital Management for $2.5 million, or about $119/square foot after they company ceased operations. The building, which was located in Pittsburgh, PA, was built in 1921, a year after the Saunier-Wilhem Company was formed.

Saunier Wilhem Birmingham AL

Saunier Wilhem Address

Saunier Wilhem Birmingham
Patton Creek Shopping Center
4441 Creekside Ave Ste 125
Hoover, AL 35244 USA
  • Jefferson County
  • Timezone: CST
Saunier Wilhem of , AL is part of the Saunier Wilhem Co. franchise/group of companies. Other nearby Saunier Wilhem Co. locations include:

Alternate Names

  • Saunier-Wilhem Company, Inc.
  • Saunier-Wilhem Co. of AL
  • Saunier-Wilhem Company of Alabama

Contact Saunier Wilhem

Reach Saunier Wilhem using the contact info below:

Saunier Wilhem Birmingham Phone Number

  • (205) 854-2822 (Billiard Supply Sales)
  • (205) 987-0810

Saunier Wilhem Website

  • http://www.saunierwilhem.com
  • http://www.swcbilliards.com


  • info@swcbilliards.com
  • wilhem@bellsouth.com

Saunier Wilhem Birmingham - Manufacturer Info

The Saunier Wilhem Company - Better Bowling and Billiard Supplies Since 1920.

Saunier Wilhem Birmingham Business Information


  • Billiard Supplies
  • Billiards Manufacturers


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Table Manufacturer

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