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Royal Oak Antiques Jackson WI

Royal Oak Antiques Jackson WI

Royal Oak Antiques Address

Royal Oak Antiques Jackson

N168W20828 Main St
Jackson, WI 53037 USA
  • Washington County
  • Timezone: CST

Contact Royal Oak Antiques

Reach Royal Oak Antiques using the contact info below:

Royal Oak Antiques Jackson Phone Number

  • (262) 677-4536 (Billiard Supply Sales)

Royal Oak Antiques Website

Royal Oak Antiques Google+

  • https://plus.google.com/112938965304897537593

Royal Oak Antiques Jackson - Store Info

Royal Oak Antiques' inventory of restored antique pool and billiards tables has always been the major asset to our reputation as a unique antique venue. We are extremely proud of each finished product and offer these vintage tables which date from the 1870's to the mid 1920's. Each of our tables is restored with the original finished patina in mind. We address all issues of proper playability as well as the overall appearance of the table. The end result is not only a showpiece for your home but also a functionally perfect table.

Royal Oak Antiques Jackson Business Information

Royal Oak Antiques Jackson Employees

Bill AdamsOwner


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies


  • Billiard Table Restoring and Restoration
  • Used Billiard Table Sales

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