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Ridgeback Rails Elm City NC

Ridgeback Rails Elm City NC

Ridgeback Rails Address

Ridgeback Rails Elm City Logo Bar Pool Tables LLC

308 S Parker Street Ext
Elm City, NC 27822-7503 USA
  • Wilson County
  • Timezone: EST
Ridgeback Rails of Elm City, NC is part of the Bar Pool Tables LLC franchise/group of companies. Other nearby Bar Pool Tables LLC locations include:

Alternate Names

  • Ridgebackrails
  • Ridge Back Rails

Contact Ridgeback Rails

Reach Ridgeback Rails using the contact info below:

Ridgeback Rails Elm City Phone Number

  • (252) 650-1113 (Ridgeback Rails Phone Number)

Ridgeback Rails Website


  • sales@ridgebackrails.com (Ridgeback Rails Contact Email)

Ridgeback Rails Facebook

  • https://www.facebook.com/ridgebackrails

Logos for Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC

Trademarks and Logos for the Ridgeback Rails company in Elm City, NC. Ridgeback Rails are an after-market replacement rail for Valley coin-op pool tables (among others).

Ridgeback Rails Logo, Elm City, NC

A logo from Ridgeback Rails in Elm City, NC.

Logo for Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC

Trademarks and Logos for the Ridgeback Rails company in Elm City, NC. Ridgeback Rails are an after-market replacement rail for Valley coin-op pool tables (among others).

Marketing Materials from Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC

Past marketing materials, advertisements, and flyers by Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC.

Ridgeback Rails Product Image

A product image showing a set of Valley replacement rails from Ridgeback Rails based out of Elm City, NC.

Staff, Employees, and Owners at Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC

Pictures of the owners of Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC and/or Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC employees/staff.

Randy Tate, Owner of Ridgeback Rails Elm City, NC

Randy Tate, owner of Ridgeback Rails in Elm City, NC.

Ridgeback Rails Elm City - Manufacturer Info

Ridgeback Rails was originally founded by Kerry Rhodes (of A Better Billiards Service, NM) . It is now owned by Randy Tate (who runs barpooltables.net) as of late 2020 or early 2021.

Bar Pool Tables, LLC bought the current Ridgeback Rails property at 308 S Parker Street Ext. for $100,000, and now runs Ridgeback Rails manufacturing company from that Elm City, NC location.

Here's a blurb from the founder of Ridgeback Rails, Kerry Rhodes:

My name is Kerry Rhodes and I am the founder of Ridgeback Rails.

In the mid-1990's I began servicing pool tables at a local room where I hung out, played league, and tended bar. I was fascinated with pool table design and learned everything I could about what makes a table play well, last long, and remain level.

As my service skills and experience improved, my pool room customers became my best advertising , something that is still true to this day. I began servicing all kinds of tables: priceless antiques, phenomenal heated bed carom tables, lots of furniture tables and hundreds upon hundreds of floating slate coin-ops. This led to the creation of "A Better Billiards Service," a company that is now owned and operated by my protégé Carl (Julio) Rice.

As the company's service area expanded, mostly in the southwestern states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and West Texas, I recognized a need for a better coin-op rail. So, working out of a worn our Chevy service van and a two-car garage, I designed and started making rails for the tables I serviced. Pretty soon, inquiries about these rails started coming in. It was time to move to a larger shop, add more equipment, and work longer hours trying to keep up with the demand.

Today, Ridgeback Rails are played on around the world. They are recognized as the highest quality replacement coin-op rails available. Many of the design features introduced by Ridgeback Rails have been copied by coin-op table manufacturers and other rail manufacturers alike. And now, a new Ridgeback Rails chapter has begun with the move of the company 2000 miles east of our New Mexico roots, to Elm City, NC, in a larger building with better power, better lighting, more room to grow, and closer to our suppliers. This has been an exciting challenge for Ridgeback Rails and we are now up and running. The new Elm City location is now able to produce more rails with plans to expand in other areas as well.

Thank you for your continued support! After all, it is you, the players and table owners that have made Ridgeback Rails the most highly sought-after coin-op rails in the world.

Ridgeback Rails Elm City Business Information

Ridgeback Rails Elm City Employees

Kerry P. RhodesFounder, Original Owner, Ridgeback Rails
Randy TateOwner, Ridgeback Rails (Circa 2021)randy@ridgebackrails.com
Slade WoodardLogistics Specialist, Ridgeback Rails


  • Billiard Supplies
  • Billiards Manufacturers


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Coin-Op Pool Table Repair Service
  • Coin-Op Pool Table Parts Manufacturer
  • Pool Table Parts Wholesaler/Distributor

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