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Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood SC

NOTE: Racktime Billiard Club of Greenwood, SC is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood SC

Racktime Billiard Club Address

Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood

1131 Reynolds Ave
Greenwood, SC 29649-2737 USA
  • Greenwood County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Racktime Billiards

Contact Racktime Billiard Club

Reach Racktime Billiard Club using the contact info below:

Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood Phone Number

  • (864) 227-0956 (Pool Hall - Local Phone)

Racktime Billiard Club Website

  • http://www.racktimebilliards.com

Racktime Billiard Club Google+

  • https://plus.google.com/110867786232026581332

Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood - Pool Hall Info

At the Racktime Billiard club, we have eight Gold Crown III tables and six Dynamo bar tables. All of our tables have Championship cloth and feature Diamond lighting. Plus we have a new karaoke lounge with the best sound equipment in Greenwood!

Latest Happenings: October 18, 2004: Our Fall Classic 9-Ball tournament is this weekend! We've got a great event lined up this year with "Cross Hill" Red grilling burgers and hot dogs on the deck. This is sure to be our biggest event to date with players from all over the South East. Our last tournament attracted over 80 Players from 7 states!! What a deal! Happy hour is every weekday from 4 to 7 with $1.50 domestic beers and 1/2 price pool. You can't beat it! Sing and Boogie! We just added a mini dance lounge and in-house karaoke bar. Come by and show your skills at the mike, or on the dance floor.

The 2004 South Carolina Open

The First Annual South Carolina Open 9 Ball Championship, which was held at Racktime Billiards in Greenwood, South Carolina, began as scheduled on May 1 with 82 players from 5 Southeastern states.

Some of the notables in attendance, were Grady "The Professor" Matthews, Scott Rabon, Bryan White, Stevie Moore, and B.J. Ussery. The activities opened with a few jokes and an exhibition by Grady Matthews. After Grady's show, the tournament action started and Bruce Berrong was in gear. He blazed through the winner's side with notable victories over three of the top players in the event: Keith Bennett, Brian White, and Stevie Moore.

While the tournament players were battling it out, road player David Anderson was relieved of $8000.00 by a fellow road player from Georgia. By early Sunday evening, the field had been narrowed down to 4 players: Bruce Berrong, Brian Capps, Scott Rabon, and the enormously talented "road agent" Stevie Moore. Many expert observers consider Stevie Moore one of the best young players in the country. After Bruce defeated Scott Rabon to take the winner's side, the final match came down to Bruce and Brian with Bruce taking the title in a 11-8 victory.

The Results:

  1. Bruce Berrong, $2025.00
  2. Brian Capps, $1375.00
  3. Scott Rabon, $950.00
  4. Stevie Moore, $625.00 - Stevie Moore is a resident of Atlanta, GA and a guy that's exciting to watch at the table. Stevie is a natural talent with excellent fundamentals. I learn something everytime I get the privilege to watch him play.
  5. Mike Gulyassy, $435.00 (Tie)
  6. Keith Bennett, $435.00 (Tie)
  7. Brian White, $320.00 - Bryan White is a resident of South Carolina. He's known for his competive intensity and superior bar table play.
  8. BJ Ussery, $320.00
  9. Travis Dorn, $80.00 (Tie) - Travis Dorn is a resident of Abbeville, South Carolina. Travis is probably the best player (and most feared player) in the surrounding area. He's been away for a while but it looks like ole "Trav" is making a comeback.
  10. Jeff Abernathy, $80.00 (Tie)
  11. Jimmy White, $80.00 (Tie)
  12. Sammy Williams, $80.00 (Tie)
  13. Tony Miller, $40.00 (Tie)
  14. Mike Staubs, $40.00 (Tie)
  15. Richard West, $40.00 (Tie)
  16. Tom Mabry, $40.00 (Tie)

RackTime Grand Opening 9-Ball Tournament - January 31, 2004 (handicapped)

Coming off an impressive 6th place finish at the 2004 Derby City Classic, Jim Jennings came to Greenwood, South Carolina ready to take care of business. Knocking out local favorite Bryan White in the finals at 3:00am in the field of 42 players.

The incredibly talented Stevie Moore took third place after squeaking by under-ranked opponent Rick Campbell. One of the most memorable moments of this match, was when Stevie caught Rick doctoring the rack. The crowd erupted into laughter as Rick replied, "you're the one that taught me".

Another exciting moment of the event came as a spectator won a chance to break and run a rack of nine ball to win a rare $1000.00 bill valued at over $1300.00. Elaine ("The Birthday Girl") was unable to run the rack , but she was very happy to walk away with the $50.00 consolation prize.

RackTime owner, Greg Matthews, announced that 25% of the profits from RackTime will be allocated to the added money of his weekly and semi-monthly tournaments.

  1. Jim Jennings, $750.00 - Jim Jennings is a resident of Georgia. He is well known as both a player and cue dealer. Jim is playing some of the best pool of this life at this time. He recently placed 6th at the 2004 Derby City Classic.
  2. Bryan White, $425.00
  3. Stevie Moore, $295.00
  4. Rick Campbell, $210.00 - Rick Campbell is a resident of Rock Hill, South Carolina. Rick has the ability to find a game no matter where. He's been a student of the game for years but lately he's been doing the teaching.
  5. Yogi, $140.00
  6. Marty Jennings, $140.00

Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood Business Information

Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood Employees

Greg MatthewsOwner


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Racktime Billiard Club Greenwood Comments

  1. Ohio EbbtideOhio Ebbtide from Toledo, OH on 1/11/2022 12:43:28 PM

    This pool hall was known as "the MONSTER".

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