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ProLine Billiard Factory Valdese NC

ProLine Billiard Factory Valdese NC

ProLine Billiard Factory Address

ProLine Billiard Factory Valdese

1185 Drexel Rd
Valdese, NC 28690 USA
  • Burke County
  • Timezone: EST
ProLine Billiard Factory of Valdese, NC is part of the ProLine Billiards franchise/group of companies. Other nearby ProLine Billiards locations include:

Alternate Names

  • ProLine Billiard Factory of NC
  • ProLine Billiards
  • Altamonte Billiard Factory, Inc. (Old Name)
  • ProLine Billiard Factory, LLC
  • McCrorie Group, LLC.

Contact ProLine Billiard Factory

Reach ProLine Billiard Factory using the contact info below:

ProLine Billiard Factory Valdese Phone Number

  • (800) 543-6691 (Pool Tables Distribution - Toll Free)

ProLine Billiard Factory Website

  • http://www.prolinebilliards.com
  • http://www.prolinebilliard.com

ProLine Billiard Factory Valdese - Manufacturer Info

Billiards today is more popular then ever with people staying home more enjoying a variety of designated recreation areas within the home. With the pool table being the primary piece of furniture, most of these rooms are created with the idea of enjoyment and fun for the entire family and friends. With designs to fit any decor, from a garage to the most elegant of interior rooms; ProLine is the table of choice! ProLine, from its conception, has maintained its integrity by resurrecting the quality and techniques of the past.

From its meager beginnings, in a very small plant in Orlando, Florida in 1976; ProLine has moved into a leading position with fresh ideas and a facility second to none. The uniqueness of designs, large selection of furniture finishes, and the overall attention to quality, ProLine will continue to move forward as a leading force in the billiard industry.

ProLine Billiard Pool Tables are made in the United States. ProLine Pool Tables use skilled craftsmen who employ the best in furniture manufacturing techniques. ProLine Pool Tables in Florida use the best quality hard woods, slate, and other materials. ProLine Billiard Pool Tables in Florida carry a wide selection of Billiard Pool Tables such as Corona style Pool Tables, Verona Billiard Pool Tables, Americana pool Tables and much more. ProLine Billiard Pool Tables in Florida tables come with a lifetime warranty because we are convinced that you can buy no better billiards table than a ProLine.

ProLine Billiard Factory Valdese Business Information

ProLine Billiard Factory Valdese Employees

Hansel R. McCrorie
(Hank McCrorie)
Owner, Manager
Bernice D. McCrorieOwner, Management


  • Billiards Manufacturers


  • Pool Table Manufacturer

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  • Published: 4/30/2013 10:25:05 AM

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