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Pockets Billiards Bradford MA

NOTE: Pockets Billiards is no longer in business and is CLOSED.

Pockets Billiards Bradford MA

Pockets Billiards Address

Pockets Billiards Bradford
Academy Plaza
717 S Main St
Bradford, MA 01835-7009 USA
  • Essex County
  • Timezone: EST

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Alternate Names

  • Pockets Billiards Pool Hall
  • Pockets Billiards Pool Hall Haverhill, MA

Contact Pockets Billiards

Reach Pockets Billiards using the contact info below:

Pockets Billiards Bradford Phone Number

  • (508) 373-8800 (Pockets Billiards Phone Number)

Owners of Pockets Billiards Pool Hall in Bradford, MA

Pictures of the owners of the Pockets Billiards pool hall in Bradford, MA.

Bob Campbell Owner of Pockets Billiards Bradford, MA

Robert Campbell (Bob), the owner of "Pockets Billiards" in Bradford, MA.

Pockets Billiards Bradford - Billiard Services

Pocket billiards offers a small pool cue repair service.

Pockets Billiards Bradford - Store Info

Pockets billiards has a small selection of pool cues and billiard accessories for sale in the pro shop.

Pockets Billiards Bradford - Pool Hall Info

Pockets Billiards pool hall has the following leagues:

  • Monday and Wednesday Nights: 9-Ball League, and a "High School" league
  • Tuesday: B/C Handicap 9 Ball

Due to the ban on smoking in public places, the business could no longer turn a profit. This is a post from rec.sport.billiard newsgroup circa 2004 from the owner:

Closing my Room

Well, it has been two years in the making, but I am closing my pool room.

After the local Board of health decided to ban smoking in our town, well in advance of bordering towns, the damage has been so great I no longer feel my business is viable.

Everything is for sale.

I have two Brunswick Gold Crown III pool tables, and ten A.E. Schmidt Ivanhoe pool tables for sale.

There are spectator chairs, big screen tv, balls, lights etc. I have no need to fire sale anything, and I am not in a huge rush to close. If you are interested in purchasing a table package, call me at my office 978-469-9311. The A.E. Schmidt Ivanhoe pool tables will sell for $1500 and you take them away. I want $2200 for the Gold Crowns. I will try to get a full list together of everything I have. Neat stuff like nacho warmer, quick and crispy oven, twin bowl slush machine, balls, cues, cue companion lathe, cue locker, counter, bar, cash register.

I have everything you need for a pool room. If you want it all, come up and make an offer.

I probably would have been OK if the local Board of Health department didn't jump the gun. If they had just waited for the state to go non-smoking it probably would have been fine, but what the heck. I've been in the business awhile, maybe I'll get back in someday.

Bob Campbell

Pockets Billiards Bradford Business Information

Entity ID 175114
Entity Legal Name Pockets Billiards, Inc.
Entity US State of Registration NH
Date Registered 5/6/1992
Entity Status Dissolved
Business Type Domestic Profit Corporation
Date of Last Data Refresh 3/6/2022

Pockets Billiards Bradford Employees

Robert "Bob" Campbell
(Bob Campbell)
Owner, Pockets Billiards Pool Hall


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies
  • Pool Halls
  • Billiard Lessons


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Cue Repair Service

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  • Published: 3/6/2022 12:47:22 PM
  • Last Updated: 3/8/2022 2:45:55 AM
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