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Miscues Billiards Johnstown PA

NOTE: Miscues Billiards of Johnstown, PA is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Miscues Billiards Johnstown PA

Miscues Billiards Address

Miscues Billiards Johnstown

850 Scalp Ave STE 60
Johnstown, PA 15904-2553 USA
  • Cambria County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Miss Cues Billiards Johnstown PA

Contact Miscues Billiards

Reach Miscues Billiards using the contact info below:

Miscues Billiards Johnstown Phone Number

  • (814) 266-1919 (Miscues Billiards Johnstown Phone Number)

Miscues Billiards Facebook

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miscues-Billiards/116539078371026

Miscues Billiards Johnstown Business Information

Entity ID 3137714
Entity Legal Name Miscues Billiards
Entity US State of Registration PA
Date Registered 4/11/2001
Entity Status Active
Business Type Trade Name
Date of Last Data Refresh 1/23/2019

Miscues Billiards Johnstown Employees

Robert BarmoyOwner, Miscues Billiards


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  • Title: Miscues Billiards Johnstown
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/23/2019 2:11:43 AM

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