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McCue's Billiards Keene NH

NOTE: The McCue's Billiards pool hall in Keene New Hampshire is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

McCue's Billiards Keene NH

McCue's Billiards Address

McCue's Billiards Keene Logo McCue's Billiards Keene

12 Emerald St
Keene, NH 03431-3601 USA
  • Cheshire County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • McCue's Billiards & Sports Lounge
  • McCue's Billiards Pool Hall

Contact McCue's Billiards

Reach McCue's Billiards using the contact info below:

McCue's Billiards Keene Phone Number

  • (603) 352-2110 (McCues Pool Hall Phone Number)

McCue's Billiards Website

  • http://www.mccues.com


  • info@mccues.com (McCues Billiards Contact Email)
  • billiards@mccues.comq (McCues Billiards Pro Shop Contact Email)
  • events@mccues.com (McCues Billiards Event Info Email)

McCue's Billiards Facebook

  • https://www.facebook.com/mccues.bar

Logos for McCue's Billiards Keene, NH

Logos for the McCue's Billiards pool hall in Keene, New Hampshire.

McCue's Billiards Logo, Keene, NH

A logo from McCue's Billiards in Keene, NH.

Logo for McCue's Billiards Keene, NH

A McCue's Billiards logo. McCue's Billiards is a now-closed pool hall based out of Keene, NH.

McCue's Billiards Logo, Keene, NH

A logo from McCue's Billiards in Keene, NH.

Logo for McCue's Billiards Keene, New Hampshire

A McCue's Billiards pool room logo.

Photos of McCue's Billiards Keene, NH Pool Room

Outside photos of McCue's Billiards Keene, New Hampshire pool hall.

McCue's Billiards Keene, NH Pool Hall

The front entrance of McCue's Billiards, a now defunct pool hall in Keene, NH.

Signage at McCue's Billiards of Keene, NH

The store front sign for McCue's Billiards, a Keene, NH pool room.

McCue's Billiards Keene, NH

The front entrance of McCue's Billiards, a pool hall in Keene, NH.

Photos from Inside McCue's Billiards Keene, NH

Photos from inside McCue's Billiards Keene, NH pool room (now closed).

McCue's Billiards Keene, NH Carom Billiards Table

The carom three-cushion pool table at McCue's Billiards, a now-closed pool hall in Keene, NH.

Shooting Pool at McCue's Billiards of Keene, NH

Shooting pool at McCue's Billiards, a Keene, NH pool room.

McCue's Billiards Keene, NH

Pool tables inside of McCue's Billiards, a pool hall in Keene, NH.

Fresh Rack on a Pool Table at McCue's Billiards of Keene, NH

Fresh new rack of 8-ball pool at McCue's Billiards, a Keene, NH billiard hall.

McCue's Billiards Keene, NH Pool Table

The pool table area inside of McCue's Billiards, a place to shoot pool in Keene, NH.

Playing Pool at McCue's Billiards of Keene, NH

Playing pool at McCue's Billiards, a Keene, NH pool hall.

McCue's Billiards Pro Shop Keene, NH

The billiard pro shop billiard supply and pool cue sales area inside of McCue's Billiards, a now-closed Keene, NH pool hall.

McCue's Billiards Keene - Billiard Services

McCue’s Pool Hall also does repairs on most billiard equipment. We’ll do the small things right here and come to your place for the big stuff.

Pool Cue Service

If your equipment needs repair, we have an on-site repair facility! All services include Shaft Cleaning & Polishing, except for Weight Adjustment.

  • Tip Replacement - $12.00
  • Shaft Cleaning & Polish - $6.00
  • Fiber Ferrule Replacement - $18.00
  • Irish Linen Wrap - $36.00
  • Leather Stack Wrap - $90.00
  • Weight Adjustment (if possible) - $5.00

Pool Table Installation

McCue's Billiards has expert pool table installers at the ready. Just bought a table and want to get it installed? Call us for a quote - you won't be disappointed.

McCue's Billiards Keene - Store Info

Want to buy a pool cue for that special someone? Need supplies for your home table? Does your cloth need replacement? Does your table need leveling? The staff at McCue’s Pro-Shop is here to help.

We have a fully stocked Pro-Shop. We’re recognized dealers for the best cues, billiard supplies, and billiard tables.

And the best news? Shop around. We have the best prices.

Billiards Sales

McCue's Pro-Shop stocks a full line of the top pool cues. We carry cues for the beginner and the pro alike. Don't see what you want? Look at out catalogs. We can get it for you.

Want to buy a table for your home? We can help. We are an authorized dealer for Connelly Billiards. Try them out. We use Connelly exclusively right here at McCue's.

Where do you find those hard-to-find items for the pool lover? Where else? Check out our Pro-Shop. If we don't have it, we'll get it for you.

Billiards Accessories

Our Pro Shop offers a variety of products including cue sticks from $69.00 as well as custom cues valued over $2500.00. McCues is an Authorized Cue Stick dealer for McDermott, Meucci and Viking cues. We also have those hard to find accessories for maintaining your equipment

McCue's Billiards Keene - Pool Hall Info

McCue’s Billiards & Sports Lounge is a 10,000 square foot entertainment complex located at 12 Emerald Street in beautiful downtown Keene, NH.

Our building is divided into two main rooms; the billiard room contains 14 nine foot pool tables and one billiard table; the front room contains our beautiful lounge with seating for 78 people at either tables or our distinctive granite-top bar.

The lounge area has a separate section that has four additional pool tables for those who prefer to play “where the action is”.

McCue’s has thirteen televisions located throughout the facility with one 60” HD TV located in the lounge area. Watch the game from wherever you choose to sit. We also have an extensive sound system that supports our state-of-the-art juke box. Can’t find your favorite song? Download it right now. We’ll play it for you.

All in all, McCue’s provides more for your entertainment budget.

McCue’s Billiards has the finest billiard tables in Cheshire County, NH. We have eighteen 9’ pool tables and one 10’ billiard table. Connelley Billiards in Arizona manufactures the tables, and are known for their superior rail system and tight pockets. Practice here and you’ll win everywhere else!

McCue’s has a goal of making billiards “Everyone’s Game”. Toward that goal, McCue’s hosts a number of clinics and leagues. Please see the link below for more information.

Compete in a tournament at McCue’s. Every Sunday evening we run an 8-Ball or 9-Ball tournament. The entry fee is $10.00 and 100% of the fees collected are returned to the top three players. Try your luck.

Go to the New Hampshire 8 Ball website for state tournament and qualifying round information

Billiards Table Rates

  • Single Player - $6.00 per hour
  • Two Players - $8.00 per hour
  • More than Two Players - $10.00

Rate are per table / per hour

McCues, at one time, was a top-notch pool hall, winning awards and recognition from the likes of Billiards Digest magazine:

McCue's Wins Design and Architecural Awards

Billiards Digest Ranks The Best Pool Rooms in the World

November 9, 2005:

McCue's Billards and Sports Lounge on Emerald St. in Keene has been ranked among the 10 of the best new pool rooms in the world by Billiards Digest magazine. McCue's was the only pool room in New England to be chosen.

A full page story is featured in the November edition of the magazine. The two criteria of the architecture and design awards are: originality of design concepts and quality of execution, both in the interior and exterior; and which rooms have done the best job of creating an original design while still fulfilling the basic credo of "form follows function."

Owner Tom Nephew opened the hall this spring by wedding two long-vacant properties to create a $1.5 million facility that includes 19 pool tables, a billiards table, full kitchen, lounge and large parking lot. McCue's is the host of the newly established New Hampshire State 8-ball Championship Tournament.

Unfortunately the owner retired and sold the property in 2015, marking the end of McCues Billiards as a pool hall.

From the owners on 2015-07-14:

To all of our friends... last night we finalized an agreement to sell McCue's. I have been wanting to retire for some time. Today will be the final day we're open for business.

We all appreciate the support that you have given us over these past 10 years. We've made lots of friends and have many fond memories.


McCue's Billiards Keene Business Information

McCue's Billiards Keene Employees

Thomas A. NephewOwner, McCues Billiards New Hampshire
  • McCue's Billiards Keene closed/moved from this location on 2015-07-14

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