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Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln NE

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln NE

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Address

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln

4700 Dudley St
Lincoln, NE 68503 USA
  • Lancaster County
  • Timezone: CST

Alternate Names

  • Madsen's Billiards Inc
  • Tom's Q-Stix
  • Thomas E. Madsen's Q-Stix

Contact Madsen's Bowling & Billiards

Reach Madsen's Bowling & Billiards using the contact info below:

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln Phone Number

  • (402) 466-6078 (Billiard Supply Sales)
  • (402) 467-3249 (Main Line)
  • (800) 369-9416 (Tom's Q-Stix - Toll Free)

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Website

  • http://www.madsensbowlingandbilliards.com
  • http://www.tomsqstix.com
  • http://www.madsensbilliards.com
  • http://www.madsensbowling.com


  • (402) 467-2297


  • tmadsen856@aol.com

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Facebook

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Madsens-Bowling-and-Billiards/110921818943166

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards BBB

  • http://www.bbb.org/nebraska/business-reviews/bowling/madsens-bowling-and-billiards-center-in-lincoln-ne-300014876

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Google+

  • https://plus.google.com/+MadsensBowlingBilliardLincoln

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln - Billiard Services

Madsen's Bowling and Billiards offers professional billiard cue repair through Tom's Q-Stix (the retail division of Madsen's Billiards, Inc.).

It is very important to keep your cue in the best possible condition. Each owner of a fine American made cue should make sure the shaft is clean, ferrule is intact, tip is shaped correctly and the finish on your cue is like new. In Lincoln, NE I offer the finest in cue repair. I laid the groundwork for the first professional cue repairman in this area in 1985. My guarantee is that we will do the best possible repair on your cue whether it is an inexpensive $80.00 cue or a $5000.00 exotic cue.

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln - Store Info

Tom's Q-Stix store front (the retail division of Madsen's Billiards, Inc.) is conveniently located in family owned Madsen's Bowling and Billiards on 48th and Dudley. If you are in the area please stop by and test drive a cue or check out some accessories. Here at Tom's Q-Stix I believe it takes more than a fine selection of products and aggressive prices to earn and keep your business, this is why I am committed to offer you the most courteous, professional and well informed service in the industry!

Since 1963 I have been selling cues, cases and accessories from Madsen's Bowling & Billiards. With seven nine foot Gold Crowns and twenty one Valley coin-operated tables this serves as a test market for each of the products I confidently represent today. My extensive vendor attendance at major tournaments and shows around the country, such as BCA, Valley, Jr. Valley and APA, allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of players everywhere. My experience, from these few things and more, along with my 37+ years of playing experience, provide a wealth of information. Take advantage of the Tom's Q-Stix resource today!

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln - Pool Hall Info

Madsen's Bowling and Billiards has seven nine foot Gold Crowns and twenty one Valley coin-operated tables!

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln Business Information

Madsen's Bowling & Billiards Lincoln Employees

Tom MadsenOwnertmadsen856@aol.com
Jay Madsen
(Jay "Marty" Madsen)
Jim MadsenVice President


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies
  • Pool Halls


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Cue Repair Service

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