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Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland OR

NOTE: Jeff Black Pool Table Service of Portland, OR is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED. The owner, Jeff Black, appears to be running another pool table service called Portland Pool Table Moving.

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland OR

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Address

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland

**No Public Physical Location**
Portland, OR 97216-3133 USA
  • Multnomah County
  • Timezone: PST
Jeff Black Pool Table Services of Portland, OR is part of the Jeff Black, Inc. franchise/group of companies. Other nearby Jeff Black, Inc. locations include:

Alternate Names

  • Jeff Black, Inc. Pool Table Services
  • Pool Table Services by Jeff Black
  • Jeff Black, Inc.
  • Jeff Black Pool Table Services

Contact Jeff Black Pool Table Services

Reach Jeff Black Pool Table Services using the contact info below:

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland Phone Number

  • (503) 262-7665 (Billiard Supply Sales)
  • (503) 969-2063
  • (866) 805-5751

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Website

  • http://www.oregon-pooltable.com
  • http://www.portland-pooltable.com


  • sales@portland-pooltable.com

Marketing Materials from Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland, OR

Past marketing materials, advertisements, flyers by Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland, OR.

Society Entertainment Inc. Division of Jeff Black Inc

A poster showing the "Society Entertainment, Inc." name - which runs the "National Pool Table Listing Service" provided by Jeff Black, Inc., which also runs Jeff Black Pool Table Services based out of Portland, OR.

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland - Billiard Services

Located in Portland Oregon, we provide sales, service and information relating to pool tables and accessories. Call today for price quotes on:

  • Accessories
  • Recovering
  • Moving

We guarantee our work 100%. Being a family owned and operated business in Portland Oregon for over 30 years gives us the experience that allows us to guarantee our work to your satisfaction. You can be assured that your tables will be in good hands with us. Our family has been serving the Pacific Northwest for over 3 decades. This amount of knowledge is what enables us to guarantee our work 100%. We are proud to say we know our business from start to finish. All service work is guaranteed to our customers satisfaction or we will return and make sure you are completely satisfied free of charge. Whatever company you decide to do business with, make sure you, the customer, are comfortable with the policies and knowledge they portray. Ask about guarantees, there are several companies who will tell you their work is guaranteed, but we give you that guarantee in writing, right here.

Our family has been serving Portland Oregon and all of Washington with quality pool table services for over 3 decades. We recover, repair, move, set up and sell pool tables. Our operations take us from Canada to California and we always try to offer the best customer service in the industry. If you have come across our site but are not in Oregon or Washington Please use the information below to find a pool table company or billiard table closer to you.

  • All pool table services needed to move, recover, repair or sell your pool table.
  • A network of national service providers / billiard table and pool table companies to move, install, recover, repair your pool table, billiards table or sell you one if you are in the market.

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland - Store Info

Quality Pool Table Brokers for Portland Oregon Region

There are so many factors to consider when buying a pool table for your home or business that the average person does not consider when purchasing a table from a dealer or private party.

We constantly see pool tables that are not the quality that the buyer originally thought. In some cases the buyer spent over $1,000.00 for a pool table that didn't even have a slate playfield! We know how upset people get when they find out their pool table isn't slate but completely pressboard.

Remember, THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES when dealing with the private market but we can take the risk out of your purchase so you can be sure your buying the best quality pool table to fit your budget and needs. Don't let yourself get stuck with a pool table you can't take back after you have spent the money. A pool table is a large purchase you will have in your home for a number of years, we make sure our customers are satisfied with this long term purchase.

If you are looking for a pool table, but are uncomfortable about your purchase, you should consider letting us do the work for you. We don't charge a large fee for finding a quality table to fit your needs and budget considering how much you could lose if you did it on your own. Since we do all of the moving and setup of the table as well, you can be sure that you are getting a quality pool table and dealing with one professional company who knows their business from start to finish.

If you're thinking about selling your current pool table but are unsure of how much it's worth, give us a call and let us examine your table to determine it's approximate value. If you chose to let us handle the sale for you, we can make sure you get fair market value for your table. You are guaranteed to sell your table with us quickly, or we'll refund your fee for our service 100%.

If you're buying or selling a pool table, you can't go wrong with our service!

Pool Table Brokerage

With so many factors when buying or selling a pool table it can be hard to know what your table or potential purchase is worth, or what kind of problems it may be hiding. If you would like honest valuable opinions about any pool table you may be buying or selling please give us a call. We don't charge for consultations and you can get a wealth of information over the telephone.

Our goal is to make sure the buyer and seller both get a fair deal. We don't buy tables cheap and try to turn a huge profit from them because we are a service business, we work hard to gain our customers trust because we want that customer to call upon us for service year after year.

Before you think of calling that pool table company in the phone book to see if they are interested in buying a table, give us a call and get an approximate selling price. We take care of all the local newspaper advertising for you. For a one time fee of $21.95 we will list your table, place ads in the Classifieds and attract potential buyers to a picture of your table.

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland Business Information

Jeff Black Pool Table Services Portland Employees

Jeff BlackOwner, Pool Table Technicianjeffblack@portland-pooltable.com
Erica BlackOwner, Manager


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies


  • Billiard Table Recovering
  • Billiard Table Service
  • Billiard Table Repair
  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Used Billiard Table Sales
  • Pool Table Movers
  • Online Business Only
  • Location Not Open to Public

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