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Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon NC

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon NC

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Address

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon

945 E Haggard Ave
Elon, NC 27244-9133 USA
  • Alamance County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Home Entertainment and Decor Systems, Inc.
  • Home Entertainment & Decor
  • H.E.A.D.S, Inc.
  • HEADS, Inc.
  • H E A D S, Inc.

Contact Home Entertainment & Decor Systems

Reach Home Entertainment & Decor Systems using the contact info below:

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon Phone Number

  • (336) 584-0835 (Billiard Supply Sales)
  • (800) 275-4520 (Billiard Sales & Service - Toll Free)
  • (252) 261-7377

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Website


  • (336) 584-5483


  • heads@heads4pool.net
  • will@heads4pool.net
  • boots@heads4pool.net
  • heads@netpath.net

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Google+

  • https://plus.google.com/117377642235927748364

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon - Billiard Services

Our service technicians take great pride in their ability to service virtually any aspect of pool table installation and repair. Moving a table is just the beginning of what is required if you are to be able to get the play and personal satisfaction out of a table that it is designed to provide. The service technicians have over 25 years of combined experience in handling tables and game room materials by virtually all current manufacturers, as well as antique materials. Past requirements have included everything from refinishing parts to actually making replacement parts where they are no longer commercially available.

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon - Store Info

H.E.A.D.S. Inc. prides itself in its ability to provide a complete line of materials for both the home and commercial game room. The H.E.A.D.S. Inc. product lines include billiard tables in all price ranges, pool cues, and accessories of all types, decor items for the game room including lights, and game room materials for numerous other game room sports.

Other sports that H.E.A.D.S. Inc. provides materials and service for include darts, ping pong, foosball, chess, various card games, air hockey, croquet, and shuffleboard.

A wide range of decorative and game room furnishings is kept in stock to allow you to make your game room everything it can be. Where special needs arise in any related area, every effort is made to obtain whatever the customer may need.

H.E.A.D.S. Inc. is located in Elon, North Carolina. The store is separated into 5 showrooms to showcase the various tables and accessories available to stock your gameroom. Also located in the facility are our shipping department, our Custom Shop where we custom make and repair pool cues, and the storage area for our various small parts and service materials.

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon Business Information

Home Entertainment & Decor Systems Elon Employees

William C PowellPresidentwill@heads4pool.net
Jacqueline G PowellVice President
Shirley O'BrienManager
Sandra MashoCustomer Service


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies


  • Billiard Table Recovering
  • Billiard Table Service
  • Billiard Table Repair
  • Pool Table Sales Dealers
  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Cue Repair Service
  • Pool Table Movers

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