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GameMaster Kenosha WI

NOTE: GameMaster has relocated to 3125 S 108th St in Milwaukee, WI and this location is CLOSED.

GameMaster Kenosha has moved in the past. Here is the list, in order, of locations:

  1. GameMaster - 7300 118th Ave in Kenosha, WI (this page)
  2. GameMaster - 3125 S 108th St in West Allis, WI (latest location)

GameMaster Kenosha WI

GameMaster Address

GameMaster Kenosha

7300 118th Ave Ste A
Kenosha, WI 53142-8415 USA
  • Kenosha County
  • Timezone: CST

Alternate Names

  • GameMaster Billiards
  • Game Master
  • GameMaster of Kenosha
  • GameMaster Darts, Billiards, and Games
  • GameMaster, LLC
  • Game Masters, Inc

Contact GameMaster

Reach GameMaster using the contact info below:

GameMaster Kenosha Phone Number

  • (414) 543-9784 (Billiard Supply Sales, Pool Table Service)
  • (262) 857-9349 (Billiard Table Service & Repair)

GameMaster Website


  • (414) 543-9820


  • gamemasterllc@gmail.com

GameMaster Kenosha - Billiard Services

Call us if you need any pool table services done or knows anyone whom does, GameMaster professional pool table service workers can help. We offer services such as:

  • Home to home billiard table moves
  • Pool table re-felts
  • Re-level pool table and re-wax
  • Pool table take downs
  • Billiard table reassembly
  • Pool table bumper replacements
  • If interested please call us at 414-543-9784 or check us out online at gamemasterstore.com.

    GameMaster Kenosha - Store Info

    Since 1984, GameMaster has been serving the Greater Milwaukee area and is now one of the largest billiard stores in Wisconsin. We are a family owned and operated store of more than 28 years. Our store prides itself on our excellent customer service, superior quality, and satisfaction. From our humble beginnings in South Milwaukee, to our current location in West Allis, we are proud to be a cornerstone of the pool and darts communities in South Eastern Wisconsin.

    GameMaster Kenosha Business Information


    • Billiard Service
    • Billiard Supplies


    • Billiard Table Restoring and Restoration
    • Billiard Table Recovering
    • Billiard Table Service
    • Billiard Table Repair
    • Pool Table Sales Dealers
    • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
    • Pool Cue Repair Service
    • Pool Table Movers

    Other Businesses

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