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Gallery Billiards Bartonsville PA

NOTE: Gallery Billiards of Bartonsville, PA is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED. There is a new pool hall here now called Giant Billiards.
Visit the Giant Billiards Bartonsville page for info on the business here after Gallery Billiards.

Gallery Billiards Bartonsville PA

Gallery Billiards Address

Gallery Billiards

3400 Route 611
Bartonsville, PA 18321 USA
  • Monroe County
  • Timezone: EST
Gallery Billiards of Bartonsville, PA is part of the Gallery Billiards franchise/group of companies. Other nearby Gallery Billiards locations include:

Alternate Names

  • Gallery Billiards, Inc.
  • Gallery Billiards of the Poconos

Contact Gallery Billiards

Reach Gallery Billiards using the contact info below:

Gallery Billiards Bartonsville Phone Number

  • (570) 629-6599 (Pool Hall - Local Phone)

Gallery Billiards Website

  • http://www.gallerybilliards.com


  • (570) 629-3720


  • telly@gallerybilliards.com
  • best9ball@hotmail.com
  • shop@gallerybilliards.com

Gallery Billiards Bartonsville - Pool Hall Info

At Gallery Billiards, home of the famous "Power 9-Ball" Tournament, we offer clean family entertainment for young and old alike. For the advanced player Our Tournament is designed to accommodate players of all levels and it takes place in Bartonsville, PA every Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

Our location in Bartonsville, PA is located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains and it offers 12 tournament size Brunswick tables, video games, Foosball, snack machines, fresh free coffee and a rocking jukebox. From 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM, every Friday and Saturday night, Gallery Billiards transforms into a nightclub-like atmosphere (complete with a live DJ and dance lights).

Please remember to preserve the pleasant atmosphere and we reserve the right to refuse and/or expel any individual who fails to follow the house rules, has in the past demonstrated poor sportsmanship or is suspect of disturbing the tournament, the players and/or the poolroom at large!

Stop by and share in the Gallery Billiards fun!

The Bartonville Pool Hall

Our room is over 3,200 square feet. We have ample room to house 12 full size tables. You'll never need a short stick because our tables are spaced over four feet apart. The wide open space makes you feel like your table is the only one in the house! Click on the pictures below to see what we mean.

Without you there would be no us. So, we always try to go that extra mile to ensure your time here is enjoyable. We believe it is the little things that make the big difference. You may notice our floors are always clean, restrooms are presentable and there is always fresh coffee brewing (some claim it's the best in the Poconos). Recently we did some minor renovations including a fresh coat of paint. If you ever feel that something need attention do not hesitate to inform us right away.


In our room we are currently running two different tournaments!

  1. Our monthly OPEN Tournament ("Grand $lam Tournament") based on a round robin format
  2. Our Weekly handicapped Tournament - We have already established handicaps for most of the players in the Allentown, Scranton and New Jersey areas and the appropriate adjustments have been made to match the rating system is used in our room.

We reserve the right to refuse and/or expel any individual who refuses to follow the house rules, has in the past demonstrated poor sportsmanship or is suspect of disturbing the tournament, the players and/or the poolroom at large!

Our 9-Ball Tournament is getting stronger and stronger! As you can see from our tournament results, we have given away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes! At this rate, we are paying out over $ 125,000 per year in prizes!

If you plan to participate in our weekly tournament, it is highly advisable to call ahead of time and reserve your spot! The tournament is open to the first 48 registered players so it's a good idea to call and make sure that we have you in our roster!

Also, we are planning a brand new MONTHLY open 9-ball tournament which is expected to raise over $ 7,500 every month! The tournament will follow a brand new system which is being designed right now! This new tournament will run once a month and pay over $ 1,000.00 for first place! It will be based on a "Round-Robin" format and provide a refreshing alternative to the "Tim Scruggs" tournament! Stay Tuned!

Gallery Billiards Bartonsville Business Information

Entity ID 3036002
US SOS ID 3036002
Entity US State of Registration PA
Date Registered 11/15/2001 8:56:55 AM
Entity Status Active
Business Type PA Close Corporation - Domestic
Date of Last Data Refresh 4/9/2015 2:43:27 AM

Gallery Billiards Bartonsville Employees

Frank KikrilisOwner, Presidentfrank@gallerybilliards.com
Fotis J. KikrilisPresidentfotis@gallerybilliards.com
Telly Kikrilis
(Telly "Zeus" Kikrilis)
Manager - 2nd Generation
  • telly@giantbilliards.com
  • tellyzeus@gmail.com
  • telly@gallerybilliards.com
Dan HeinsStaffdan@gallerybilliards.com


  • Billiard Supplies
  • Pool Halls


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