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Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline WA

NOTE: Dr. Cue & Billiards of Shoreline WA is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline WA

Dr Cue Billiards Address

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline

14713 Bothell Way NE
Shoreline, WA 98155-7607 USA
  • King County
  • Timezone: PST

Alternate Names

  • Dr. Cue's Billiards
  • Dr. Cue & Billiards

Contact Dr Cue Billiards

Reach Dr Cue Billiards using the contact info below:

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline Phone Number

  • (206) 365-1187 (Billiard Supply Sales)

Dr Cue Billiards Website

  • http://www.drcuebilliards.com
  • http://www.drcues.com


  • drcues@drcues.com
  • drcuebilliards@hotmail.com

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline - Billiard Services

Our tip replacement service carries all types of tips. The prices are reasonable and our tip replacement expert is on duty Monday through Friday during the day. He will be happy to replace that old tip during the day on which you leave the shaft and most often while you wait.

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline - Store Info

If you are looking for a new cue stick, case, or any related equipment you will find it in our fully stocked pro shop. We sell Players, Cuetec, Lucasi, Viking, McDermott, Predator, and other brand name cue sticks as well as a full assortment of cases made by such companies as Instroke, Action, Porper, Whitten. Our Pro shop also carries just about every type of cue care product you can think of as well as products for your home game room and dart board.

This shop features cues by Predator, McDermott, Viking, Lucasi, Cuetec, and Players. We also stock other brands and will order any cue that the customer requests with a 50% deposit. Cases by Whitten, Action, Porper, Instroke and others are in our stock and just about every cue care product is always in stock. Darts, Dart supplies, and poker table tops and chips are here for your purchase as well.

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline - Pool Hall Info

Dr. Cue Billiards was begun by Bruce Robertson in 1994. He took over a tire shop building and put in extensive time remodeling the building for his dream pool hall. The hall was, and is, divided into three separate rooms.

The lobby area, when Bruce owned the business, was simply a seating area and the front desk. The two pool rooms contained 7 tables in the front room and 8 tables in the back along with soft drink machines in the front room. There were also a few video games for the customer's enjoyment in the lobby. The front room featured seven Brunswick Gold Crown III tables and the back two Gold Crown III tables and six Brunswick Century tables. All were, and are, 4 1/2' X 9'. The back room was supplied with a juke box with the latest hit songs and was quickly seized upon by the younger mobile generation as a place to meet and have fun. Evenings quickly became busy with people from the surrounding area at the tables.

Mr. Robertson decided to retire and sold the business to his son Jeffrey Robertson and Matthew Jacoby in 2000.

There are a total of 15, 4-1/2 X 9ft premium tables all with Simonis 860 cloth. With new carpet throughout, feet of all ages will play comfortably for hours on end!

Dr. Cue Billiards is the kind of place where you can find people of all ages as well as all skill levels. The younger people can play on quality equipment while enjoying a night out. At the same time, you can find world-class competitors battling for high stakes, but the atmosphere remains laid back and comfortable.

Matt and Jeff immediately embarked upon a journey to build a pool hall that you will feel at home in. The dream was to build a room that you would build if you could do anything you wanted to do to make a pool room in your own home. This work has taken a tremendous amount of thought and ongoing action over a period of three years.

New owners Matt Jacoby and Jeff Robertson are proud of the changes made so far and excited about the future of their business.

Dr. Cue Billiards holds weekly tournaments, offers in-house instruction, and has a comfortable seating area with a wide range of snack foods and drinks. The owners take care to be on hand nearly all business hours, so parents can feel safe about where their kids are.

From here on out it should be smooth sailing for owners Matt Jacoby and Jeff Robertson, a matter of implementing all their ideas. Either way, the poolroom looks great, and is a must visit for any respectable player in the Northwest!

At Dr. Cue Billiards we pride ourselves on giving you, the pool playing public, the no. 1 place to play in the northwest. Our 15 4 1/2' X 9' Brunswick tables are always kept in clean and playable condition. We have our tables recovered regularly and we have the balls cleaned, the table rails wiped, and the cloth brushed after each and every use of the table. We feel that you, our players, deserve to have a clean table environment every time you begin to play.

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline - Billiard Instruction

Dr. Cue Billiards is very proud to have Ken "Sarge" Aylesworth as our Billiards Congress of America (BCA) Certified Instructor.

Sarge is best known as one of the ten best Artistic Pool Players (trick shots) in the world. He is a previous Arizona State 8 ball champion for the Reno 8 ball championships. Sarge Came close to his goal of winning a national 8 ball championship when he finished in 5th place in the mens individual division of the McDermott Team Cup National Championships.

Sarge has been teaching pocket billiards (pool) since 1972 and is the only "active" BCA certified instructor in the State of Washington. He provides instruction for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. His instruction technique is excellent and his directions easy to follow.

A student's first lesson is 2 1/2 hours with the first half hour devoted to performing an evaluation of the students current skill level. The rest of the lesson is devoted to finding ways to improve the students skill level. Each lesson after the initial lesson is 2 hours in length.

There are handouts for all levels of instruction. Whether it is and individual private lesson, couples lesson, or group lesson Sarge has extremely reasonable rates. For the serious student Sarge has a five lesson package at a discounted rate.


Ken "Sarge" Aylesworth spent his first career in the United States Air Force where he moved from place to place for many years. It was while stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California that a 19 year old Sarge entered his first pool room. This room was located in Lompoc, California and was owned by Dave DePasquale, one of the best players in the country.

Sarge and Dave immediately "hit it off" and became fast friends. DePasquale offered to teach Ken how to play and Ken became a dedicated student. The regimen and drills that Dave put Sarge through made boot camp seem like a trip to the beach. Sarge got "good" in a very short period of time.

In order to show Sarge the physics of pool, Dave taught him how to shoot "trick" shots (artistic pool). Sarge devoted a lot of time to perfecting this aspect of his game and has emerged as a force in international competition.

Ken has always set high goals for himself. He decided that he wanted to win a State Championship, which he did. He wanted to win a national championship, at which he came close finishing 5th, and he wanted to be recognized in his sport by the world at large. He is working on that today.

Over the many years that Sarge has been playing and teaching he has come in contact with, and worked with, some of the greatest players and performers in the game. He has learned from each and every one of them. Jack White, a famous artistic pool player taught sarge much of what he knows of showmanship. Eddie Robin, the three cushion billiards player and author of "Winning One Pocket" and "Shots, Tricks, and Strategies" (the two definitive one pocket books in existence) taught him the Diamond Systems. World Champion Artistic Pool Player Mike Massey has worked side by side with Sarge (and has done so at Dr. Cue Billiards), and has offered advice and encouragement that Sarge treasures. Cliff Thayer, Seattle native and now resident of Sun City, Arizona, has helped Sarge with his game and has encouraged him to keep following his dream.

Along with his personal dreams and aspirations Sarge has another dream. To make each student that he teaches to be the best pool player that that individual is capable of being. He wants to share the knowledge that he has picked up over the many years that he has been in competition and the fundamentals that all players need to master. He believes that every player can improve with instruction and dedication. He also believes that he can inspire each person that comes to him to set high goals for themselves and that they will work to realize those goals. Here are some of his references:

  • Jeff Robertson, owner, Dr Cue Billiards - (206) 365-1187
  • Annette James - Sun City Recreation - (623) 544-6169
  • Kitty Willis - University of Washington - (206) 685-2802
  • Dennis or Tony - The New Grove - (425) 438-8449
  • Cliff Thayer - World Class Player - high run 449 - (623) 972-3915

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline Business Information

Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline Employees

Bruce RobinsonFounder
Jeff RobertsonOwner
Matt JacobyOwnermatt@drcues.com
Chuck TupperManager
Craig FisherHouseman
Mark HarrisHouseman


  • Billiard Service
  • Billiard Supplies
  • Pool Halls
  • Billiard Lessons


  • Billiard Table Recovering
  • Billiard Table Service
  • Billiard Table Repair
  • Pool Table Sales Dealers
  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Cue Repair Service

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