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Club Billiards Dayton OH

NOTE: As of March 2008 the Club Billiards Hall in Dayton OH is no longer in operation and is CLOSED.
Visit the Billiards Unlimited Dayton page for info on the business here after Club Billiards.

Club Billiards Dayton OH

Club Billiards Address

Club Billiards Dayton

8935 Kingsridge Dr
Dayton, OH 45458-1620 USA
  • Montgomery County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Club Billiards Pool Hall
  • ENV Enterprises, LLC
  • Big D's Entertainment Center

Contact Club Billiards

Reach Club Billiards using the contact info below:

Club Billiards Dayton Phone Number

  • (937) 428-7611 (Billiard Supply Sales)

Club Billiards Website


  • eric@env-llc.com

Club Billiards Dayton - Store Info

The pro shop at Club Billiards sells a huge selection of HUSTLIN brand clothing, pool cues and pool cue cases, billiard gloves, and all pool playing accessories are available for purchase. They also sell various billiard-related novelty products such as Ashtrays, Dead-stroke Mugs, Playing cards, Decals, Pins, Shot glasses, pens, and clocks!

Club Billiards Dayton - Pool Hall Info

Dayton Ohio's Club Billiards Pool Hall is behind the Dayton Mall and next door to Julias Night Club. At Club Billiards hall, you can shoot some pool by the hour on one of their 8 brand new tables; 3 of which are 9 foot tables. There is a 7 foot Diamond Smart Table with Simonis 860 cloth and also a coin operatied pool table for those who want to play pool by the game. Come play darts or video games or listen to music on a state of the art touch screen Jukebox with thousands of song selections. Club Billiards pool room is located next door to Julias Night Club and there is Lots of parking available.

History of Club Billiards

According to some former employees, the hall had gone through three owners between 2004 and 2008. Eric and Rae Verney and Joshua Ebert (of ENV Enterprises, LLC 1703683) purchased Club Billiards of Dayton Ohio in June of 2007. The pool hall was running at a loss throughout 2007-2008. They were the last owners before the business closed it's doors in March 2008.

It seems that Dayton Ohio's Club Billiards Pool Hall was affected by a few key problems:

  • It had gone through a gambiling raid
  • Customer base was decreasing after a smoking ban in the area had come into effect
  • The business encountered major roadblocks (and was ultimately unsuccessful) in acquiring a liquor license (which owners indicated "is extremely difficult to get a hold of")

Not having the liquor license was probably the biggest factor preventing them from running the pool hall at a profit.

One of the co-owners and billiard service technicians from Club Billiards, Josh Ebert has started a new pool table service firm in 2008 (under Ebert Entertainment Enterprises Inc. Ohio 1777989). The official trade name is "Absolute Billiard Service" and they provide billiard equipment moving, repair, and service. See the Absolute Billiard Service listing for more.

Here is a blurb from Joshua Ebert where he comments on the closing of Club Billiards:

Anyway, back in March, we officially closed the doors on Club Billiards. We're sorry to any of you who came in regularly. I wish we could have kept it open, but it was just too slow to pay the bills. Here's the plan though. We're still going to continue to do service work, table moves, installs, and table recovers and stuff like that. We can ALWAYS use more work, so if you know ANYONE who needs something done, send me a message on here and let me know. I'm willing to give a price break to anyone who mentions being referred by the MySpace site.

I just registered the name with the state this month, so I officially own my own company now. 8 years in business and just now own my own! LOL. Anyway, once we get this service thing rolling, we're going to try to wait out this terrible economy and hope things are better in a couple years. If so, I think we're going to try to open another place, hopefully close to the same area. Should be bigger and better and have more available, both in things to do, and in merchandise and product lines, oh and we'll have alcohol this time around! I'm definitely looking forward to it, if it works out. So that's what's up in the world of Club Billiards right now. I wish I had better news, but hopefully in a couple years we'll be able to welcome you all back to an even better place. See you then!

Club Billiards Dayton - Billiard Instruction

Club Billiards provides qualified professional billiard instructors to teach classes on playing pool (based on hourly rate). Class sizes are small and the fee is $30 per 1 hour appointment. There are a myriad of billiard classes ranging from beginner to expert to help pool players enhance their billiard playing skills. There is something for everyone, no matter What your skill level is. Classes are not fixed, but can include any of the following principles and lessons at the student's request:

  • Billiard stances - Learn the various stances used in billiards
  • Pool cue grip - Learn the correct way to grip a pool cue
  • General bridge techniquest in billiards including how to set up a closed bridge and an open bridge with your pool cue
  • Bridging the gap - Learn the proper techniques for using a bridge while playing billiards, pool, snooker and other cue sports
  • The pendulum principle in billiard shot making
  • Learn the first steps to a better stroke shot in billiards
  • Billiard stroke detection and correction
  • How to learn to stroke straight / shoot straight shots in billiards
  • Learn the slip stroke shot
  • Aiming points and compensating for English induced throw
  • The clicks aiming system
  • Learn the 2-2-2 principle of billiards
  • Pinpoint Accuracy in Aiming - Learn how to aim successfully, how to align your aim, and how to use aiming techniques ranging from simle/basic to advanced
  • Billiard Course on the Ghost Ball Theory, Holy Light System
  • Learn your dominant eye and how it affects billiard shot-making
  • Abstract Aiming System
  • How to aim billiard shots - Learn rifle-like cue aiming in pool
  • Billiard aiming technique
  • Learning requires repetition
  • Course on basic shots & billiard shotmaking
  • Classes to learn billiard rules

Club Billiards Dayton Business Information

Club Billiards Dayton Employees

Eric VerneyManagementeric@env-llc.com


  • Billiard Supplies
  • Pool Halls
  • Billiard Lessons


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies

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