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CJ's Cues Fayetteville NC

CJ's Cues Fayetteville NC

CJ's Cues Address

CJ's Cues Fayetteville

823 Hope Mills Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28304-2224 USA
  • Cumberland County
  • Timezone: EST

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Alternate Names

  • CJ Stevens Pool Cues
  • CJ Stevens Cues
  • CJ Stevens Custom Cues

Contact CJ's Cues

Reach CJ's Cues using the contact info below:

CJ's Cues Fayetteville Phone Number

  • (910) 425-7184 (Custom Cuemaker)

CJ's Cues Website

  • http://www.cjscues.com


  • sam@cjscues.com
  • contact@cjscues.com

CJ's Cues Facebook

  • https://www.facebook.com/cjscues

CJ's Cues Google+

  • https://plus.google.com/110185037197495586431

CJ's Cues Fayetteville - Manufacturer Info

What are the two most important words in playing pool? Accuracy and consistancy. Would you like to be the owner of a CJ Stevens pool cue that will guarantee better accuracy, and more consistency? Using new materials developed with today's technologies and engineering, we have designed and begun building our own line of CJ Custom Cues that are sure to increase your winning average! The natural effect of a thin wooden object striking a hard, impact resistant object is for the thin wooden object to contract and then spring back. The natural spring back action of the shaft causes cue ball "deflection" (more commonly known as "squirt"), as the tip pushes back into the cue ball in the direction of the wood grain of the shaft. New maple stock blanks are made from 8 to as many as 20 separate pieces of wood, high pressure laminated in a process that virtually eliminates deflection. The amount of english, follow or draw that you place on the stroke and hit, are exactly what you'll get, time after time. You design the important parts of your cue. The taper, diameter, ferrule, tip, and joint style of the shaft, and then the finish, wrap, trim rings, and cap style of the butt. Weight can usually be within a tenth of an ounce of your specification. Starting at the low custom cue price of $250.00, the best deal for the best hit around! Call or email for more details, orders, or for a price quote, using your specifications.

CJ Stevens Cues Customization Options

  • Personalization - Choose up to 10 letters in Black Commercial Script, Roman, or Gold Gothic Lettering. The perfect gift, or tournament prize! Personalization with a name, date, or special occasion description. We recommend black lettering on lighter wood or colored cues, and gold gothic on darker cues. The gothic lettering is larger, and more detailed, and looks best when used for initials or dates.
  • Taper and Diameter - Choose an increased taper or reduced diameter (See description below)
    • CO1 - Increased Taper
    • CO2 - Reduced Diameter
    • CO3 - Increased Taper and Reduced Diameter
    • CO4 - Personalization

Pool Cue Taper and Diameter

Standard, retail cue shafts are normally made with a 13 mm diameter, and a "pro" taper, of 6 - 8 inches.

The diameter is the circumference of the tip. The taper is the length of the shaft, starting at the tip and measuring towards the joint, that is the exact diameter of the tip of the shaft. So, the new standard cue with a pro taper would stay 13 mm for 6 inches, gradually moving up to 8 inches, and then being close to the diameter of the joint for the remainder of the shaft.

Some expensive cues like Predator and Meucci come with a more narrow diameter, and a longer taper.

The narrow diameter and longer taper, can increase the "flex" in a natural maple one piece shaft, which can increase the "english" or "spin" on the cue ball, when used in the same direction of the desired english. The shaft "bends" with the impact on the cue ball, and then springs back, adding the off center impact, or "squirt".

Some players have small hands and like the feel and control they get with the smaller diameter, others want to do everything possible to lighten the cue, which these options do, by removing a lot of shaft wood. Others yet prefer the longer taper, in order to stabilize or "freeze" their closed bridge hand.

It's really all a matter of personal preference. The best way to test what you like is by borrowing any and all cues from friends and fellow pool room customers, and testing them out.

CJ's Cues Fayetteville Business Information

CJ's Cues Fayetteville Employees

CJ Stevens
(CJ "Buddy" Stevens)
Owner, Pool Table Technician, Custom Cuemaker


  • Billiards Manufacturers


  • Custom Cue Maker
  • Cue Manufacturer

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