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Chalk Box Billiards Quincy IL

Chalk Box Billiards Quincy IL

Chalk Box Billiards Address

Chalk Box Billiards Quincy

**No Public Physical Location**
Quincy, IL 62301-6658 USA
  • Adams County
  • Timezone: CST

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Alternate Names

  • Chalk Box Inc.
  • Chalk Box Quincy

Contact Chalk Box Billiards

Reach Chalk Box Billiards using the contact info below:

Chalk Box Billiards Quincy Phone Number

  • (217) 223-7658 (Chalk Box Inc Contact Phone)

Chalk Box Billiards Website


  • chalkbox@sbcglobal.net (Chalk Box Inc Contact Email)
  • sales@chalkbox.com (Chalk Box Email Address)

Past Marketing Materials from Chalk Box Billiards Quincy, IL

Past marketing materials, advertisements, flyers by Chalk Box Billiards Quincy, IL.

Chalk Box Billiards Display Board

A photo of the chalk box retail display board from Chalk Box Billiards based out of Quincy, IL.

Chalk Box Billiards Quincy - Store Info

Chalk Box Billiard Supplies out of Illinois sells custom billiard table spots, the "Chalker Scuffer", the "Chalk Box", custom game room signs, and more.

They also sell other billiard supplies, including pool cues, via their eBay store, "Chalk Box Billiards".

Chalk Box Billiards is run by the same owners as the former Quincy Billiard Service and Quincy Billiards of Quincy, Illinois.

Chalk Box Billiards Quincy Business Information

Chalk Box Billiards Quincy Employees

William G. Young
(Bill Young)
Owner, Chalk Box Inc.


  • Billiard Supplies


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Location Not Open to Public

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Chalk Box Billiards Quincy is connected with these Billiards Forum users:

  • Title: Chalk Box Billiards Quincy
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 9/19/2017 6:30:51 AM

Chalk Box Billiards Quincy Comments

  1. Anthony CostanzoAnthony Costanzo from North Providence, RI on 11/7/2021 10:36:02 AM

    Hi Bill,

    I'd like to get some more cube.

    We haven’t spoken in a while, how’s life treating you?

    Call my cell:

    (401) 954-1172

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