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BoDudley's Billiards Oshkosh WI

NOTE: Bodudley's of Oshkosh, WI is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

BoDudley's Billiards Oshkosh WI

BoDudley's Billiards Address

BoDudley's Billiards Oshkosh

570 N Main St
Oshkosh, WI 54901-4925 USA
  • Winnebago County
  • Timezone: CST

Alternate Names

  • BoDudley's Deli Bar & Billiards

Contact BoDudley's Billiards

Reach BoDudley's Billiards using the contact info below:

BoDudley's Billiards Oshkosh Phone Number

  • (920) 230-4530 (Pool Hall - Local Phone)

BoDudley's Billiards Website

  • http://www.bodudleys.com


  • fwaterhouse@ntd.net

BoDudley's Billiards Oshkosh - Pool Hall Info

BoDudley's is a Billiards Hall for ALL AGES! We have 21 "Diamond" Smart Tables, the only All Diamond pool establishment in the state of Wisconsin. Diamond Tables are used in the U.S. Open. There is just under 10,000 Sq Ft of air conditioned fun here at BoDudley's. Along with playing Pool, you can have fun in our Arcade, play Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Foosball, or play our Dart Machines.

All this fun may make you need a drink... Quench your thirst at our bar where we have a large selection of Beer for Adults over 21 and a great selection of Beverages for everyone! Coming in the near future is our Deli Bar. And we are handicapped accessible!

BoDudley's 2004 League Newsletter

Nothing real exciting happened this week except that it rained all weekend long, I hope your camping trips didn't get too wet!!!

Wednesday class B & C tournament was pretty good we had 11 players, with Chris Bachman winning, Dale Tiffany second, and Seth Reich taking third. This Wed. tournament is for the cue stick. Get signed in early, I'll only be taking the first 16 players and last time I had to turn away three players, which hurt me more than it hurt them (sounds like something my dad said as he was kicking my ass!), second is ten hours table time $35.00 value, third is five hours table time $17.50 value.

This Thursday starts the qualifiers for the Second Annual Oshkosh Open. These tournaments are $20 entry and alternate between 9 Ball & 8 Ball every other week until August 19th the Thursday before the Open.

Friday nights 9 Ball tournament ended up being a round robin tournament due to only having 6 players with Little John taking first $70.00 and I took second $30.00. Hopefully will have more players this Fri.

Sundays 8 Ball tournament was good with 11 players. Billy the Kid winning $100.00, who came down with his friend Steve Martyn both from Antigo, Dean taking second $50.00, Craig Fowler third $35.00.

Handicaps start this week. Read your handouts so you know what to do with them.

Now for the bad news! Due to rising operating costs we have no choice but to raise our rates to $4.00 for one player and $8.00 for two or more players. To ease the transition we have 10 hour punch cards for $70.00 available at the bar.

If you have any suggestions to help improve BoDudley's please go to our web page www.bodudleys.com and you'll find a place near the bottom of the page where you can type in your ideas. Also while your there check out the new pages and sale items. Soon we'll have some coupons there, so check back often.

BoDudley's Billiards Oshkosh Business Information

BoDudley's Billiards Oshkosh Employees

Fred WaterhouseOwnerfwaterhouse@ntd.net


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